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What DO I Wear?!?! Thanksgiving Day Orange


“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.” ~ Henry Van Dyke

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Thanksgiving Eve

Hello, hello, friends! Happy Day before Thanksgiving! As much as I have been anxiously awaiting the good ol’ turkey day I can not believe it is finally here! It seems to have both gone slowly as well as sped up if that is possible! Not going to lie the last two weeks have been unexpectedly cray-cray with work trips (which I’m incredibly grateful for) as well as some health stuff. I got boosted right after I got back from my trip, which my body does not like anything foreign in it, and I have a tendency to react badly even with antibiotics and surprise, surprise, I did. Then, just as I began to feel better, I had a cyst rupture (second one in as many months which is SO much fun). Thus after weeks of preparations, it suddenly feels like Thanksgiving is upon us, and I don’t feel nearly as ready. Especially because this week is also insane work wise. If you are a blogger or social media manager you KNOW what I mean. In fact the craziness began incredibly early because commerce companies have really ramped up the deals in the last few weeks expanding Black Friday to really a whole month! I will be sharing ALL of them with you the next few days.

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All of this is to say, I don’t know about anyone else, but on one hand I am grateful I did all the planning early, and on the other, it feels like WHAT planning? Not sure if anyone else feels like that. But any who, I am not here to lament, but actually share an outfit I have been wanting to share since August. (See even then I was planning ahead!)

In fact, while you have probably seen pictures of this outfit on my socials and my Shop.LTK page I have been holding out on really rocking it (do pictures count?) until Thanksgiving, though I did wear it with jeans on Halloween. I had to get my moneys worth after all! Thanksgiving has always been a smorgasbord of comfy cozy and some tres chic. And this outfit encompasses that in spades!

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The Dudley

Nothing screams comfy and chic like a Dudley. They literally are my go to and on Turkey day they are the perfect top to get me through the day. While the Cobble Hill is my favorite style, and looks amazing with a pair of Spanx leggings. The Palmer Puff is the epitome of chic. The puff detail at the shoulder is that extra detail which adds just the right touch of elegance to the cozy fleece. I had already bought it in pink, when they released the style in the spring, but when they came out with not just the perfect fall color, but perfect for Halloween AND Thanksgiving, I decided to take a chance. 

While Dudley always comes in a wide array of colors, I tend to stick to my tried and trues and orange is NOT a tried and true. In fact it is so far outside my comfort zone, that I kept going back and forth about buying it. SO much so I resorted to Instagram stories and ask for everyone’s opinion on there as to whether I should buy it or not. The result was a resounding yes. In fact it is the only poll where it was a unanimous 100 percent (y’all are passionate about your orange!) thus I bought it and I am so happy I did.

The look

I have styled this top with my spanx leggings and knee high boots for pictures, as well as jeans and booties which I rocked on Halloween. For Thanksgiving I knew I would want a more dressed up look and my faux suede skirt was perfect for that. It is comfortable, while still adding that more chic factor, and despite it being on the shorter side, I can still sit comfortably.

For the pictures, I added my booties which are my tried and true and. so comfortable. But you could do a dressier heel or heck, if you are like I am who loves to go barefoot, go barefoot, IF you are at your own house. Or someone who has a no shoes indoors policy, which I also happen to have so win-win. I kept my jewelry simple, not that I am messing with the turkey, (I actually am not a huge fan of turkey) but for dishes and clean-up it was easier to keep it minimal with some Sewcialite hoops.

You can shop this look here

The finished look, is one that is chic yet still comfy, and dare I say it, festive? Not only am I obsessed with this top, but I am obsessed with the color! I never thought I would be such a fan of orange! It is amazing what happens when you push your walls even just a little! And I thank you all for always encouraging me to do that and for all your support! I am truly so grateful for all of you! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving day and weekend. Happy Thanksgiving Friends! <3

Some things to note: I do size up to a Medium in Dudley Stephens and the Palmer Puff is no different, especially because it is on the shorter side in length. I also rolled the collar down, because the turtleneck was big for my neck and it created a more sleek look. I also stuck with my normal size in the skirt. 

Dudley Stephens is having 25 % off for now through Thanksgiving weekend. Just use code GIVECOZY at check-out.

Do you get dressed up for Thanksgiving or do you stay casual? Or do you maybe go halfway?

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