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“Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside.” ~ Willard Scott

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A Different Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving might look vastly different for many of us this year, one thing that will not change is getting dressed up! Heck even pre-pandemic days, Thanksgiving was spent at family or friend’s homes in a relaxed setting. While there were a couple years I went for warmth because I attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, comfy and cozy did not equate to NOT being chic. In fact I always strive to be cozy while STILL being chic.


This year is no different. I feel like a lot of people think that getting dressed up means penguin suits and heels that kill. Not at all. There is a reason the “Basic B’s” wardrobe of leggings and sweaters are so popular. Because you are comfy while STILL looking put together. Even dressed to the nines doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable. For me it is usually the opposite.


Feel Better

Being put together actually makes ME feel better. Not only that but I feel like I work harder and am more productive then if I just hung out in my PJ’s all day. In fact at the start of this pandemic, one of the recommendations when working from home and just being in the house in general was to get dressed like you were going out. 


While I did limit my already minimalistic make-up routine, I did try to live by that motto with rocking leggings and a nice sweater, or a dress when it was summer. And seven months on, I still try to do that, which is why getting dressed up for Thanksgiving is a no-brainer. Albite in true Live in the Nautical Fashion: Comfy but chic. 


The Look

I don’t think it is a shock to anyone that I will be rocking my Spanx. Not only are the faux leather leggings insanely flattering as far as leggings go, they are the epitome of comfy while STILL looking put together. Bonus Spanx is currently running an early Black Friday Deal of 20% off. Everything is linked on my LiketoKnow.it page


In true party on top fashion, or maybe just Zoom chat worthy, I paired my staple scallop cami with my green cardigan slash blazer both from J-Crew and both must haves in any wardrobe. Because my roots are horrible, I finished it off with a hat, my Eiffel Tower Necklace, and my tried and true peep toe heels.


The Result

The look is effortlessly comfy chic. Literally, I stuck with staples I know and love, yet are also classic pieces that when thrown together makes me look PUT together. Perfect for Thanksgiving day, whether I am spending it at home (which I am) or if I was going out, I will be stylishly comfy. 


I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! It is tough this year, but there is still so much to be grateful for, even if it is just brewing a cup of coffee in the morning. Sending you all so much love! <3 


What are your Thanksgiving Day plans? What will you be wearing? Are you going for comfy, chic, or both? 


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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: Thanksgiving Edit

  1. Yaaasssss! Such a cute look! I tried the Spanx leggings a couple of years and didn’t feel good in them (body image issues are the worst); however, I ordered another pair today in petite and am hoping for a different reaction. They’re so stinking cute so I’m hoping I love them this go round! I plan on being totally comfy! I MIGHT curl my hair to make me look halfway put together but I plan on wearing joggers and a sweatshirt. lol! I hope you have a lovely holiday! <3 <3

  2. You’ve almost talked me into a pair of those spanx, but I don’t do spandex. My motto is: if it’s not comfortable, I don’t own it! (Unless it’s an insanely cute pair of shoes, then I’ll wear them on the couch because looking at them makes me happy!)

  3. Feeling put together comes from putting makeup on and combing my hair (for me). I agree one can be comfy but still chic!

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