What DO I Wear: The Christmas Graphic Sweatshirt

“May your days be merry and bright,
And may all your christmases be white” ~ Irving Berlin

Where is the Snow?

Guys I am SO salty or perhaps frosty, because we did NOT get ANY snow this past weekend. I am seriously considering having a word with Jack Frost AND the weather people! The storm was a total dud, and thus my hope for a White Christmas is fading. Okay I am being slightly dramatic, but still highly disappointed.img_4414

I know, I know, it sounds crazy! Me wanting snow, but I literally love snow for a month (in December) and then I want it to melt. White Christmases are truly magical, and it seems the last few years they have been non-existent, until January and then the snow is endless, and I am craving the tropics!img_4566

Alas, I won’t give up hope just yet. With nineteen days to go until Christmas, dreaming’ of a white Christmas is STILL a possibility. And besides we HAVE had a couple years where I ended up shoveling ON Christmas Day.


Favorite Movie

The irony of wanting snow (for one month!) is not lost on me, since I am such a sun and surf kinda gal, nor the fact that one of my favorite Christmas movies if not THE favorite is “A White Christmas.” It is absolutely magical. The dancing, the singing, the OUTFITS! I can and do watch it year round because it is just that fabulous. I also know it by heart, from quotes to songs, I can repeat it verbatim.


// Sweatshirt: Pink Lily // Uggs: Nordstrom // Leggings: Spanx // Beanie, Gloves: Lululemon // 

When I saw that Pink Lily had an “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Graphic sweatshirt” I KNEW I needed to get it! Not only did I love that it was a sweatshirt instead of a T-shirt, but the quote pulled at my Christmas Heart strings and gave me ALL the visions of Vera Ellen dancing in her gorgeous costumes!


The Graphic Sweatshirt 

I have been living in this graphic sweatshirt since I got it. I can honestly say I didn’t know I needed a graphic SWEATSHIRT, until I finally got one! It is so soft and cozy and perfect for not jus the Christmas season but all winter. The soft periwinkle blue is versatile enough to rock past Christmas.


I have been rocking it with leggings, sneakers, and now Uggs, now that it has gotten colder out. While it is a more casual look, I have dressed it up in what is a true quintessential New England basic girl look; pairing it with leggings and boots, but I can also pair it with a skirt if I wanted too. Not only is it ’tis the season, but just maybe I will channel that White Christmas after all.


Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas? Do You like the movie White Christmas?

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5 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: The Christmas Graphic Sweatshirt

  1. Omg this jumper! I am obsessed with the colour! So pretty! Also, so funny that you of all people are craving snow – I was so shocked when I read you complaining that you didn’t get any 😂😂😂 but seriously, snow at Christmas is so magical! I hope you get some and I hope I do, just enough for it to be festive but not too much – I still want to be able to drive places and walk hehe! Merry Christmas gorgeous lady!

  2. I’m always dreaming of a white Christmas; lord knows it’ll take a miracle to get one down here. 😂😂 maybe one year David and I can travel to a ski resort and do Christmas there! 💗💗

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