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What DO I Wear?!?!? The Dare to Wear White Edition

What DO I Wear?!?!? The Dare to Wear White Edition

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language.” ~ Miuccia Prada  

Many times I get told “I don’t know how you wear that.” “I would get that dirty the moment I put it on.” Or my favorite, “You are brave.”

Who knew wearing white could be translated to being brave?

Their is something that has always drawn me to white. Maybe it is because it is a blank slate. Like a canvas waiting to be painted on or in this instance accessorized. There is something clean and fresh and perhaps, yes, a bit daring.

I don’t mean the plain little white T shirt, but the white jeans, winter white skirt, the white lace jacket. Big staples that terrorize the OCD people petrified of dirtying or staining it.


// Jacket: Free People // Skirt: White House Black Market // Jewelry: Anthropologie //

I use to be one of those people. Technically I still am. A stain, a rip, it can ruin my day. It is why I will run around the city with a change of clothes in my bag.

Despite that, I do not let that deter me from wearing white.

I noticed a lot of white this past spring from Free People to BCBG and it has bled right into Summer. It is light, airy. And thanks to Olivia Pope, it has become extremely popular.

If Olivia Pope can wear it with all the sex, and murders she as accumulated on her resume and still look pristine, I think you can too.


// Hat and camisole: Anthropologie // Skirt: Banana Republic 

Most colors, including black, can and will show stains. It is why washing machines and laundry detergent were created.

Their is nothing I love more, then slipping on a pair of white jeans, when the weather gets warmer. I have a pair of absolute divine jeans from White House Black market, that are perfect for Spring, Summer and even the Fall. The days of not wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day have been debusted, just ask Stacey London.


// Sweater: Anthropologie // Jeans: White House Black market // Jewelry: Best of Everything // Hair: Andrea LaRusso: Root Cellar //

It is a color that is no longer deigned just for brides and the symbol of purity, but people who want to show a pristine, refreshed look no matter where you are in your life.

Be bold. Dare to wear white and let me know what clothing you love to wear that is white below.

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  1. This is great! And you look so good in that white skirt/ hat!! I have just recently tried out the all white trend…my favorite white pieces are white bohemian crocheted tops w/ fringe…I got mine from Etsy. I will try the skirt idea! 🙂

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