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What DO I Wear?!?! The Floral Shift


“To wear a floral shirt is an experience.” ~ Brian Wilson

Out of the Floral Comfort Zone

It seems that I am coming more and more out of my comfort zone when it comes to florals. I have bought more floral patterned clothes this season, then I think in my whole entire life.

And no, my mother dressing (and scarring) me in floral prints as a kid, does NOT count!

Ever so slowly, but surely, my wardrobe is being converted into a garden of the likes that would make The Secret Garden proud. And while it is still a process, it is one I am embracing, which leads to this gorgeous floral shift from Anthropologie.

Moving Outside The Comfort Zone

I bought this dress when I was in Charleston in February. I couldn’t help but do most of my Spring shopping when I was there. With the pull of warmer temps and Southern fashion trends, I was in true shopaholic heaven. Alas, New York did not get that memo and I only just got around to rocking this dress now.

This dress was very much outside my comfort zone and not just because of the floral print, but it is shorter then most dresses I wear.

We all have our body hang-ups and mine are my legs. I have written extensively about my love hate relationship with shorts, and that extends to short dresses. Even during the Summer, I try to keep my skater thighs covered. Some how despite being short, there are a ton of dresses, shorts, and rompers that barely cover my booty.

No one wants to see that!

That being said, in my “Old age” and newly single status, I am trying to embrace my body more, skater thighs, cellulite, and all. It is a process, one, that especially during Summer, despite loving the season, doesn’t always make it easy. Some days I succeed, more then other days. We all have what we equate to ourselves as “flaws,” but those same flaws are what make us unique and beautiful, and we need to own it and rock it. Lord knows I am definitely trying too.

The Dress

Body love convo done, I was immediately drawn to the periwinkle blue background and salmon colored flowers. Anything with pink or blue, has my heart. Long sleeved with delicate pearl buttons at the wrists, the top is actually a button down with layered material adding a bit of that pizazz I always look for. The slight flare at the waist combined with the light silky material makes it easy to move and even do a twirl.

What truly sold me on this dress, was that it had pockets! Gimmee a pocketed dress and I will love it forever. There is something so endearing (and yes totally fifties) about pockets. As a kid I was obsessed with them, and it doesn’t seem to have diminished as an adult. So few dresses are made with pockets now and days that when I find one, I totally fan-girl and have to buy it.

Lace Espadrilles By Fergie

I admit, I had a hard time styling this. I knew I wanted to pair it with my pink Anthropologie jacket, but finding shoes that worked with it was difficult.

It isn’t a dress that looks good with leggings or tights, (I tried) and wearing boots was to Little House On The Prairie for me. This was not a dress to wear flip-flops with (unfortunately) and I couldn’t seem to find the right sandals that would work with it. Part of it was I was in the market for new espadrilles.

//Dress and Jacket: Anthropologie //Sunglasses and Tote: Tory Burch //Wedges: Fergie //Necklace: SeaMilliganDesigns //Hoops: Free People//

Than you Amazon! I found these adorbs lace espadrilles by Fergie for ONLY twenty dollars on there. AND they are comfortable! If you haven’t bought shoes from Amazon, you NEED too! They have so many options and great pricing. I highly recommend checking them out and I pinky promise this is not sponsored!

The Look

Once I found the espadrilles, the rest fell into place. I added my custom pink SeaMilligan jewelry, and simple rose gold hoops preferring to let the pattern do most of the talking. It was well worth the wait to rock this outfit. Overall it was a simple, but chic, spring day look, that was perfect for going to boozy brunch and enjoying the gorgeous warm weather in the Concrete Jungle.

What do you think of the dress and overall look? How do you practice body positivity especially during the Summer? 

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