What Do I Wear?!?! The Glitzy Maxi Skirt

“As far as style goes, I gravitate toward anything that is effortlessly chic. I don’t wanna look like I’m trying too hard.” ~ Eve

Obsessed with separates 

It has been a looonggggg hot second since I did a What Do I Wear post and this one has been YEARS in the making. Okay I am being slightly dramatic, but I have been wanting to share this fabulous skirt for awhile now. Darn you life for getting in the Blogger way!


If you follow this column you know how obsessed I am with separates and that I am all about easy, versatile pieces, that have multiple purposes. As someone who is ballin’ on a budget, especially now, I can not justify buying an item of clothing that I can only wear once.


That is why when I saw this skirt on Anthropologies’ website a couple years ago, I weighed all the styling pros and cons in my head before making the splurge. I admit it isn’t the easiest skirt to style, it has so much character and automatically screams night out at the Tony’s. The glitter, the sheen, even the pleats, all beckoned to me to be ordered and owned. I was obsessed with it and I knew I could make it as casual as it was dressy given the right top. When I saw it came in petites, this vertically challenged lady rejoiced.


//Hat and Skirt: Anthropologie //Top Free People //Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs //Cuff: Lighhouse Studio Designs


Y’all know how much of an Anthro Addict I am. eighty percent of my wardrobe is from there. As much as I love them, I do have one annoying complaint that might seem big to people especially if they have to order online. Anthropologie is a large boutique and because they sell so many different brands, their sizes change, none so more then skirts. I can be a double zero in one skirt (FYI NOT a double zero) and a six in another. It is a total mind fuck, one that can be utterly frustrating.


Knowing it was a petite and they run large, I ordered it in a four even though I am usually a six, thank you years of competitive figure skating.

I anxiously awaited its arrival, excited to get it, until I did. The material was as gorgeous as it had been shown online, if not better in person. With lamé and glitter sparkling through out the skirt. I tried it on and it fit perfectly around the waist. I was so ecstatic until I looked down and saw yards upon yards of fabric on the ground.


I gasped in horror. I MUST have accidentally ordered a regular.

Berating myself at my blonde moment (it does happen) I checked the label.

Then double checked it.


It had to be some mistake, My Gemini twin was visiting me at the time and I had her try it on. Now I have spoken a lot about my Gemini twin. She is a FOOT taller then I am. A foot!


Even on her it was long!

Once again I was thwarted by Anthro’s dastardly sizing. I weighed the pros and cons of keeping it, but I loved the skirt so much I decided to. Thank the fashion gods I have an amazing seamstress who could work her magic chopping of that extra foot + of fabric off so I wasn’t swimming in lamé.


Styling the Skirt

I had to wait awhile (Okay. only a couple weeks) before I finally, FINALLY was able to wear it! Now the correct length for my legal little person stature, I loved that I could dress this skirt up or down. It is one of those pieces that literally makes you feel like a princess every time you wear it regardless of the occasion. If there is an item of clothing to be in love with, it is this skirt!


Because of the higher waist, this skirt can be worn with a shirt tucked in, or a crop top. I have styled it both ways, though because of the recent emergence of belly baring midriffs, I think the crop top is definitely my favorite way to style.

The neutral metallic colors lends itself to being a blank canvas. You literally can wear whatever color you want and because of the material, it is a skirt that transitions easily from day to night and season to season.



Accessories are key with any outfit, but when it comes to versatility they are even more so. Long necklaces are a staple for me whether it is my varied collection of seagrass necklaces from Seamilligan Designs or a dressier jeweled pendant, I am usually rocking one and it works exceptionally well with this outfit. The more bling, the better especially with the glitz of the skirt, and I love rocking the bracelets and larger statement earrings.

As someone who is always cold, I have to have some sort of cover-up with me, especially if I am also rocking a crop-top and I am obsessed with the look of my denim jacket with this skirt, casual meets a definitive glam. For dressier occasions I have used a pashmina, but I really do love the edginess of the distressed denim for a more every day look.


Thanks to the yards of fabric being taken off, I love rocking flip-fliops with this skirt just as much as a dressy heel, especially if I am at the beach. There is something about this skirt that makes me feel like a mermaid frolicking on shore, perhaps it is all the pleats.

I have worn this to Galas, as well as doing that aforementioned frolicking on the beach. Barefoot I might add. It is the perfect piece to add some glam to your wardrobe, without screaming Cher to much. It really does make my mermaid heart go a flutter and is full of Elsa meets Ariel vibes. It epitomize what fashion is, and I am so excited to rock it this summer. In fact I already have.


What do you think of the skirt? How would you style it? DO you prefer skirts or dresses? 

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8 thoughts on “What Do I Wear?!?! The Glitzy Maxi Skirt

  1. Love your style and you’ve styled this to perfection. It looks great as you have it or I bet as a real dressy skirt. Suits your mermaid heart😊💕 x

  2. You look fabulous in that skirt! In the photos where you’re sitting down you look like a mermaid!
    Good thing your seamstress was able to shorten it, I wish clothing all fit into one universal size table. It’s frustrating being a 0 in some sizes and a 6 in others. It makes no sense. I’m glad it worked out for you!

  3. Yes yes darn that life for getting in the blogger way! I am with you on that!

    OK This skirt was made for you!! Even if the sizing at anthro is wack.. thank goodness for those magical seamstress wizards!!

    I absolutely adore this.. these pictures are stunning as always & the joy & freedom in them makes me heart so happy. Thank you for sharing, gooooorgeous !! xox

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