What DO I Wear?!?! The Jacket of the Season

“More than anything, I like a jacket. You can do anything with a great jacket, the bigger the better. You can have any silhouette underneath. It gives you an attitude. It makes a gown look cool.”~ Rihanna

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My Must Have Piece of Fall 

Don’t worry friends I am not done living my best summer life and celebrating it, despite Starbucks bringing back PSL yesterday, and yes I have already had one, two actually. No shame! That said, I can’t ignore all the stunning fall clothing. I do love being cozy as much as I love summer dresses and if I can be cozy at the beach I will! I also love a good jacket whether it is autumn or not.

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And you know the “You can only ever wear something once?” Well throw that out of the window! (well throw it out anyway because it is just plain silly and wasteful) because I have found my new staple piece in my wardrobe and I have literally been wearing it every single day, since I got it! Can’t stop won’t stop! And I don’t think it is going to be just for Fall! Much like my sunglasses or my necklace, this is going to be the next “Kate Accessory.” 

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The Jacket

I have kind of been hesitant about getting on the shacket train. It just isn’t my style, which is totally fine, because we are all different. It seems like a heavier flannel button down then anything else, and I am not a fan of how oversized it is. Which I know sounds hilarious because I LOVE a good sweatshirt. But here we are. Not every trend is for everyone and it doesn’t make you any less stylish or trendy, but YOU!

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Thankfully, this jacket from Lulu’s isn’t a shacket but more of a jackigan? Swacket? Those sounded much better in my head, so let me explain. This jacket is truly a cross between a cardigan and jacket and yes I need to work on the couple name. It has the flowy, yet still fitted feel of a duster cardigan, though shorter, but the material is that of a jacket. I have been wearing it more like a sweater and I am truly obsessed.

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This swacket, is open faced with a waterfall front. It has a bit of an anorak feel, but a lighter material, and I love how the sleeves are adjustable, with buttons to hold the sleeves up if I want to do a three quarter look. It comes in two colors. I originally bought it in olive (my color of choice) but once I saw how amazing this jacket is, I HAD to buy the gray. I can’t help it, this jacket is literally the best!


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Styling It 

Not going to lie I have been finding excuses to wear this jacket whenever and wherever I can. And it isn’t even September yet! And we have had some of the hottest days yet this summer. It is still hasn’t stopped me and if anything, I think it just gives it more credibility of what an amazingly essential wardrobe piece it is!

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Because it has been so hot out, I have been rocking this with a cropped tank top, shorts, and heels, which makes it the perfect fall transition piece, as well as mixing and matching summer and autumn colors. I also have been pairing it with white jeans and more neutral tops adding to the transition of seasons, but also the jackets versatility.

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I have been having so much fun styling this jackigan (gonna make it trending!) for fall, that I am almost okay with the cooler months coming. (ALMOST!) I love styling it with dresses, and I think my fall look will be New York chic meets Country Autumn, pairing it with a black knit dress from Pink Lily and booties for a classic, but also versatile look to take from office to dinner. I have yet to style it with black jeans (slightly to hot for that), but paired with a silky camisole and booties and you have artist chic, which is perfect with the return of Broadway next week. This truly is a Hadestown look!

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I love finding pieces of clothing, that I fall in love with unexpectedly. I knew I would like it, I was not expecting to not want to take it off ever! Finding items of clothing like this makes me so happy not just because it gives your wardrobe life, but it also makes it more sustainable, because when you love your clothing, you want to keep wearing them! I am so happy I found such a gem of a piece, and while I am not one to say you need this piece, because everyone’s style is different, but believe me when I say you will NOT regret it, if you do buy it!

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Would you wear this jacket? Have you bought anything for fall yet that you are obsessed with? Do you have an article of clothing you always wear and love? 

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