What DO I Wear?!?! The Leather Pant

“People don’t need to feel scared about a leather pant. Think of it as a jean alternative: it’s the same thing. It’s almost like they’re your yoga pants, but they look chic.” ~ Meghan Markle

Fashion Must Have 

There is ONE wardrobe staple, every woman (and man if you are a rockstar) needs during the Winter, Fall, Spring and maybe Antartica in the Summer.

The leather pant.


Now I know what you are thinking; What about the leather jacket? But oh no ladies and gents, it is the pants that do the twerking!

There is nothing hotter nor is their an item of clothing that screams, “I own this place” more then the leather pant.


Yet as a legal little person with a bodacious skating booty, the struggle has been real, and the search fruitless. To the point I had given up on ever owning this must-have fashion item.

White House Black Market 

Aside from buying leggings at Lululemon, all my pants come from White House Black Market. They carry petites, that are actually geared towards those of us who are vertically challenged.


The only downside, is they do not keep petites in store and pants are the one thing I actually want to try on. Especially leggings since they fit differently. And for all the naysers, they ARE pants. You just should wear a longer shirt with them.

This past Fall, the Fashion Gods heard my pleas and I found a pair of leather pants that were half leather and half legging. I decided to take a gander and buy them. As much of a hassle as it is, I COULD return them. Well all that was fashion, was on my side, and they fit beautifully. In fact they were so comfy I was ready to never take them off until it got warm again.


I might be slightly dramatic but, seriously, I could dance in these puppies, do squats and of course twerk all without breaking any seams. Win-win peeps!

The pants

These pants are literally everything I look for in my clothing; comfort and style. They have a zipper and button on the side, which not only makes them easy to discreetly get on, but you also do not have any wrinkles in the front you sometimes get with jeans. The front is made out of a faux leather while the back is a spandex time material, that is actually quite flattering.


They are lined in a fleece material making them incredibly cozy. Which is both good and bad. I wore these in October and was sweating buckets. At the same time, when I wore them in December, my legs had never been so warm.

The Look

Not going to lie, I feel a bit Bad A when I wear these. They were my go to for the holidays and continue to be in the cold Winter months for a fun night out.

//Shirt: Pleione // Pants: White House Black Market// Heels: Aldo// Necklace: Etsy // 

Courtesy of Nordstrom’s Semi Annual Sale, I had picked up a gorgeous burgundy bell sleeved shirt from Pleione. Made of a jersey material, this shirt was the perfect length to pair with my leggings without being to tunic-ish. The bell sleeves, which are on trend for Fall and Winter, added another level of glam to an other wise simple shirt.

As a petite woman, I love letting my heels do the talking and with the tapered leg of the legging chose to pair my velvet peep toe stilettos from Aldo, taking the look from rocker to a bit more of the chic side.


I finished the look with some of my jewelry staples; a gold sea glass pendant, that my Gemini twin had gotten me for Christmas, my lobster cuff, hoops, and thredded Dune earrings. Even when channeling my inner rock I still needed a bit of my mermaid goddess to shine.

The over all look was at once modern and stylish while still suitable for a night out that went from dinner to club.


What do you think of the look? Do you own leather pants? What is your go to outfit for a night out during Winter? 

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12 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! The Leather Pant

  1. Wow! You look gorgeous and ever so happy!
    I don’t own nor have I ever worn leather trousers/pants! To be honest, if I ever see anyone wearing them I think, “Really, what were they thinking?” I work some nights in a pub and on Saturday night a young girl came in, fake-tanned up like nobody’s business, wearing EXTREMELY tight leather pants! They were super shiny too!!
    I mus say though, you look bloody fabulous and the pants look amazing on you! Could you have possibly tempted to me to try some for myself?
    Loving catchin up on your posts!

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