What DO I Wear: The Little Fall Pink Dress

“Pink is the color of strength, a color of conviction, a color of decision making.” ~ Angad Bedi

Fall Pink Dresses

This is the first of two blog posts on how to style the same dress but in two different patterns. As much as I am obsessed with these dresses, I am also excited I have TWO blog posts posting two days in a row! I am totally ready to do Blogmas now.

Sporadic blog posts and kidding aside, I feel like another unspoken rule besides no white after Labor Day is also no blushy, ballet pinky hues. What?!! In my opinion Pink is not just the staple of Regina George and her plastics, it is a NUETRAL. No I am not talking about fuchsia or hot pink, I am talking about pale pink, or blush. Pink that though light, is still very definitely pink and I am here for it year round. It is just as chic in the spring time as it is in fall and winter. It brightens up the wardrobe, in what can otherwise be a palette of very dark drab colors, in two seasons that already don’t see enough sunshine and brightness. 

Wayf X BFF Collection

Nordstrom has, from the get go, been a huge support of fashion bloggers and influencers. They have even given bloggers the opportunity to create their own capsule collections. Nordstrom’s Wayf brand did just that by teaming up with Dede Raad of Dress Up Buttercup and Emily Herren of Champagne and Chanel to create the Blogging BFF Collection. The BFF Collection was designed by Dede and Emily and named after some of their friends who are also bloggers. Not only am I obsessed with the clothes they created, but I love that it is named after and supporting fellow bloggers. In an industry that can seem kind of cutthroat, I love when we support and empower each other, and I am so happy to nt only support but ROCK this collection.

Also kind of a side tangent: But it is SO necessary, needed, AND especially important right now when so many of us have cancelled campaigns and are not getting paid our commissions. And I know we are not the only industry hurting, but it is so simple, easy, and free to help and support us. All you have to do is  like our posts, and maybe commenting which would give you frickin rockstar status. But it is so easy to do. And it is FREE! A FREE way to support an industry! Okay PSA done. Also thank you so much to everyone who does engage with likes and comments. I love you and you rock. 

The Dress

Alright, back to clothing. I am obsessed with the Laura Smocked Waist Mini Dress. It comes in two colors, a very pale pink and an animal print, and is what I am highlighting in these next two posts because of course I needed it in both colors! Honestly it is the perfect dress, not just for autumn, but year round.

First up is the pale pink dress. While it is suppose to be a mini dress, on my 4’10 stature it is actually the perfect length hitting just above my knee. The style is incredibly flattering, and perfect for those days Aunt Flo comes to visit or you just want to eat all the tacos. The fabric is delicate and feminine and I love how you can either wear the dress as a v-neck or tie it for a more smocked neck. The pink adds a brightness of color while still being a neutral. It also has a textured shimmer that isn’t over done, but gives it just enough subtle glam.


When styling this, I kept it simple and went for my staples; booties, and a wide brimmed hat in tan. I kept jewelry to a minimum, letting the dress do all the talking. For warmer fall nights or even summer and spring, a denim jacket pairs amazingly with this dress, as would wedges. For cooler weather, knee high boots, and a tan bomber jacket would style well with it. 

This is a dress where the styling options are endless, from coffee dates, to the office, (when we are allowed in the office) to nights out, I have been rocking this dress at least once a week, and we are in the middle of a pandemic with few places to go! It is comfortable, flattering, true to size (rocking a small) and a closet must have! 

What do you think of the dress? How do you support bloggers? 

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8 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: The Little Fall Pink Dress

    1. Awe thanks sweets! This comment legit made my day and might be my favorite compliment! I strive for wearable but chic looks and I am glad I succeeded! Thanks for reading love! <3

  1. I’m LOVING this dress- it’s so fun and girly and I especially love it paired with that hat. Ah I wish I could pull of hats they’re so cute and a perfect addition to spice up an outfit! I think it’s my head/face shape where hats just don’t suit me haha I’m also the same way when I find something I like, I tend to buy it in alllll the colors/patterns and even multiple of the same color (depending what it is LOL). Anyways, pale pink is SO your color, I’m loving this shoot and the backdrop is stunning!! I want to be wherever you were for this! xoxo

    1. Awe thanks sweets! It is my new fav! I remember thinking like you, that I could never rock a hat, but You definitely can! You just have to find the right style! (for me floppy hats are a huge fat no! Lol) Kindred spirits! I feel like people look at me like I am crazy, but why change something that isn’t broken…or however that saying goes. Awe thanks beauty! It is my go to! It is by the Two Lights Lighthouses. The next time you are in New England you will have to come visit and I will take you there! It is my favorite place and perfect for all the pic taking! 🙂 <3

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