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What DO I Wear?!?! The Most Coveted Winter Boots


“I’m a bit grungy – I love wearing boots. But I also love putting on a beautiful white dress and jewels. I have those two alter-egos.” ~ Ellie Goulding

Bean Boots

If you live in New England, you have probably heard of L.L. Bean. What is more you have probably owned, wanted to own, or settled for a knock off pair of Bean Boots. Boots that are back ordered for months on end and are the equivalent of the iPhone, but in footwear.

There is a reason. They are amazing quality footwear. They are warm, durable, and most importantly comfortable. Much like Uggs, they are not the most fashionable of footwear, (at least in my opinion) but for Winters in the Northeast they are a must for any wardrobe.

All I want for Christmas 

The number one item on my list this year from Santa, was a pair of Bean Boots. Living in the city, I do not want to walk around in my Columbia snow boots, which are more suitable for snowmobiling or playing in snow, then traipsing through the streets of the Concrete Jungle. And while I am guilty of owning Uggs, (They are warm!) I am also guilty of slipping and falling on the city sidewalks because they have no tread on them. At least I always saved the coffee when it happens!

Thus, it was high time to protect my klutzy self and get some decent footwear.

Boy did Santa deliver!

Back in November, L.L. Bean had been having 25 percent off which is unheard of, (though they proceeded to have it up until Christmas!) and it included their boots. I put a bug in Santa’s ear, (I have connections!) and my Christmas wish was granted.

Style and Sizing

Because I mainly wanted them for Winter, I wanted the ones that were lined with shearling so my feet would be warm.

I had been hesitant about ordering them. My feet are small, but wide, and all the reviews I had read mention that they run large. But with twenty-five percent off, it was to good to pass up. So with a prayer to the shopping gods, and lots of research, Santa ordered me a size down and an extra wide.

The reviews were accurate and they do in fact run large. When I first tried them on, (barefoot) I was actually worried they were still to big, but once I added socks, they fit perfectly.

They were ridiculously comfy, even barefooted, and super warm. I shoveled snow in them and my feet didn’t get wet at all (take that Uggs) nor did I slip and fall. (nah nah Uggs!) They weren’t literally heaven sent and my feet were dancing in happiness.

Styling Them

Despite living in a ski town, styling Winter wear has always been a struggle. It is clunky, bulky, and so very unchic. That said, I decided to channel my inner non-existent ski bum, and go all slope side out, with a sweater, leggings, (yes you can start screaming basic) my Michael Kors jacket, that legit looks like a Canada Goose knock off, and finished with a Love Your Melon beanie and my Winter staple blanket scarf from Urban Outfitters. The look was classic ski town, and with all the snow and the polar vortex temps, I was not going to freeze anytime soon. In fact I got multiple comments about how warm I looked.

It isn’t the chicest look, but it is certainly the warmest and sometimes that does trump fashion!

What do you think of the look? Do you have a pair of Bean Boots? How do you style Winter Boots? 

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