What DO I Wear?!?! The Perfect Summer Dress

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Not to beat an already dead horse to death, (really horrible idiom) BUT as I have stated before, I really am not a fan of patterns. I prefer a neutral palette that I can accessorize to the high heavens. The exception to Kate’s rule being polka dots. And apparently palm tree leaves.


I know you are flabbergasted, but shut your mouths so you don’t let the mosquitos in and let me explain. I am a summer child (literally, I was born in June). I adore summer to the point it annoys most people. When it is ninety degrees, I am rejoicing. Gimmee all the sun dresses, crop dresses, resort wear, and brightly colored clothes. Heck I even love summery prints, even if I don’t own any.


The boutique

Until now. I know, I know, palm tree leaves are ridiculously trendy and popular and eye roll worthy…and guys I LOVE them! From shorts, to dresses to even jumpsuits, I have been obsessed. Yet, I also have not been daring enough to attempt to wear it. It is a trend I have loved from afar like that college boy crush. 


That is until I saw THE dress in a boutique located right around the corner from where I stayed in San Diego. What better place to buy a palm tree dress then in San Diego?  The store was chic and stylish and beckoned me to go in and peruse. I wanted to buy one of everything in there, but my eyes caught the palm tree leave dress. My friend urged me to try it on and I couldn’t say no.


The Palm Tree Leave Dress

I have a ton of summer dresses, of course none in a palm tree print, but I have been trying to not buy any. I have been on a minimizing kick and really weighing everything I buy. BUT there are exceptions and this was it! I loved the shape of the dress. It was a halter style with a deep V was at once sexy without being to form fitting. It accentuated the waist and had a slight A-line skirt. It was at once fun, flirty, and chic.


I loved the size and color of the leaf print. It was the perfect size, without making me look like I had stepped out of a tropical jungle. The color was an eye-popping green against the stark white background.


I was nervous about the length. It is shorter then most of the dresses I gravitate towards, and was outside my comfort zone, but my friend convinced me it looked great.


Because of the print, I kept my accessories minimalistic. I had green SeaMilligan jewelry that matched the color of the dress, giving it a true summery feel. I added a white duster sweater because I still wasn’t wholly confident with the length.


To keep it on the casual side I paired faux leather nude flip-flops with it. But I could easily have dressed it up with a pair of cute wedges or even stilettos if I wanted to go to a chic roof top bar.


I love the look and the dress. It at once pushed me out of my comfort zone, while still making me feel like a million bucks. It is perfect for a sail, a summer night out or even to throw over a bathing suit. In other words it IS the perfect summer dress.


What do you think of the look? Are you  fan of the palm tree leaf print? What is your favorite summer print? 

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20 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! The Perfect Summer Dress

  1. I am OBSESSED with this dress! The pattern is so perfect and summery and the cut is so flattering. Also, I see you are taking photos from a boat – living that luxury life girll 😉 You look gorgeous <3

  2. I’m the same as you – not the biggest fan of patterns. But this palm tree dress is fab! In fact, all the photos are fabolous. I adore the red lip – especially with this look. Gorgeous!! x

  3. This really is such a cute dress! It has the perfect style for summer with the length & halter top! I’m also one who prefers solids and neutrals to patterns, but this is too cute!

  4. I used to hate prints but this summer give me all the bright, prints you’ve got!😊 You look gorgeous, love all the shots of you on the boat xx

  5. I’ve never worn a palm tree leaf print before, but you’re sure making me want to branch out with this dress! Just about any kind of Tropical print in summer is gorgeous and fun, and I’m also partial to Gingham as well. 🙂

  6. This dress is so beaut 😍 and love you general style, so effortlessly pretty, perfect for summer!
    Check out my blog, I’m new and just looking to meet new friends to chat with a support 💕 xx

  7. Oh check you out diva! Living it up getting these glam boat shots! Loving it! This dress is absolutely gorgeous and so you, fun, beautiful and chic! I love the white jumper you paired it with, I’d probably do the same but more so because I get so cold all the time. Also think that dress would look sooo cute with a nice wedge but the sandals are perfect for the occasion! You look gorgeous!
    I haven’t worn palm tree print!!! But I like the sound of a palm tree jumpsuit 😍

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