What DO I Wear?!?! The Plaid Flannel Shacket

“Ageing doesn’t mean giving up on style and individuality; it doesn’t mean abandoning fashion and living in comfy slippers and flannel knickers.” ~Twiggy

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The Shacket Trend

Friends not going to lie, this is a trend I did NOT think I was going to jump on. As someone who grew up in Northern New England, I was surrounded by plaid as a child, and much like Birkenstocks, it wasn’t a style I was a fan of. It isn’t that I am against plaid or flannel per-se, I actually own quite a few buffalo plaid items, from vests to ponchos, but the red and green prints scream Christmas, and y’all know I am always down for some Christmas fashion! And I did buy a very cropped plaid green shacket, last year, though since it was cropped and had puffed sleeves, I am not sure if it truly fit into the shacket criteria.

Aside from feeling a tad bit lumber jackish (which there is nothing wrong with if that is your style!) I am not a fan of how boxy shackets can be. My own personal opinion is that a boxy cut is not a good style on anyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are the most glamorous super model in the world. The boxy cut has no shape, which is why when I buy a traditional t-shirt, I always go for the slim fit and WHY I have shied away from the shacket, until now.

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The Shacket

Every year, I try to mix my wardrobe up with staple pieces as well as more trendy items. I also try to go outside my comfort zone and rock something that I otherwise would not be comfortable rocking. Fashion is about pushing boundaries and growth. With us on year two of the shacket, I decided I would finally give it a try. Pink Lily has a ton of shackets, in pretty colors, and I decided to get one to see how I liked it. After all you can always return it.

It was definitely outside my comfort zone as it was definitely a very boxy fit, but I did love how soft the fabric was. It wasn’t itchy and I did feel warm and cozy, which is always a bonus when rocking clothes this time of year. I always size up when buying a jacket, but decided to size down and am happy I did. It wasn’t as bulky as it could have been on me. I loved the soft pastel green colors, which makes it more versatile and I can definitely rock this when I am down south and it is a little less chilly, or as we transition into spring.

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How I styled it: Two ways

I have actually been rocking the shacket more then I thought I would and have styled it multiple ways. One was the most basic I could get with leggings and boots. Hey it is fall y’all! I paired it with my faux leather Spanx leggings which are a staple this time of year. I have been obsessed with Lululemon’s Love tank tops which are a loser, longer fit then some of their there tanks, and are a great alternative to the traditional camisole. I chose to rock a black one. Lastly I added my slouchy boots, and a hat, and I wore this to apple picking. Yes it might have been super basic, or as I like to say extra, but it was actually a look I did not hate at all and perfect for the fall day.

The second look might have been my favorite and what sold me on the shacket. Warm or cold weather, I do love a great dress, and decided to pair this shacket with a sage colored dress also from Pink Lily. I added booties, and a wide brimmed hat and it was the simplest, yet very on trend look I rocked. The dress actually made the shacket look less bulky and more fitted which I loved and classed it up. Not going to lie, I am kind of obsessed! I won’t be filling my wardrobe with tons of shackets, but I do love the one I own and will be rocking it this fall and winter!

Do you like the shacket trend? How would you style the shacket? 

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