What DO I Wear!?!? The Recycled Edition!

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” ~ Oscar de la Renta

Finishing out my wedding season for the summer, I decided to rewear (gasps!) an outfit I had worn at the beginning of the summer.  Oh the horror! Thankfully it was a different crowd so no one would know this fashion faux pas. Unless, they looked at my Instagram. Of course if Duchess Kate herself can do it…So can I! So social media call us rewarders out, we are in fabulous royal company.


Before I delve into my outfit and let you decide which one you like better, I must say, while I joke about recycling outfits, I actually love doing it. Especially if I find something I like. In fact I had written about THAT here.

I didn’t want to look like I had walked out of my Instagram pictures from a couple months ago, so I decided to channel my inner fall. The great thing about the colors of my top and skirt are that they are the colors of fall which also happen to be transitional from summer so I was still En Vogue.


Instead of doing the black contrast I had done in June, I decided to stick with all neutral colors with more of brown undertones. I also ditched my black jewelry and settled on a blush palette that matched my skirt and top. It included this to die for custom made necklace by SeaMilligan Designs, which really was probably my favorite thing about my outfit. By reimagining the accessories with a more cohesive color flow, I created a more bohemian look.


I also went for tan cut-out booties as opposed to my black lace wedges. (though it was interesting walking on the beach in those!) It showed an edgier look, while still in the lines of class.

The biggest (and welcome) change was my hair. In June it was still ridiculously short (and no I won’t do extensions) and I had bangs. so I had curled it. For this wedding I did the side bangs and decided to straighten my hair leaving it down and letting the wind do its thang. And let me tell you it definitely worked for dancing with the head banging.


Last but not needed. I had worn a black pashmina to the wedding in June. This time I had grabbed a denim jacket that not only went with the trends this fall, but also added the bohemian chic look I was going for. Alas it was not needed. But always a fashionista plans ahead!

*Excuse the grainy look for the second one…Apparently I failed in my fashion blogging duties and didn’t get a picture of my outfit of just me…oops! 

All in all I was happy with my recycled look. Which look do you prefer?

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