What DO I Wear: The Versatile Ruffle Polka Dot Dress

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. Regina Brett

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Versatile Fashion 

Y’all know I love my versatile fashion. And buying pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down and styled in ALL the ways is my jam. Y’all also know (or now do) that if I find a great piece, I am going to buy it in ALL the colors. Which is what I did. And I am not ashamed or embarrassed at ALL! Having those staple pieces is so important. But more than that, having pieces that make you feel comfortable and like you are walking the cat walk of your life. Confidence is everything! And you should feel the absolute most confident in what you wear, which is why trends aren’t everything or for everyone. Where what YOU want,  like and fits YOUR style.

The Dress

Y’all know how dress obsessed I am, and I was looking for a good midi dress that I could dress up or down and this dress from Lulu’s fit all of that. I have always been a huge fan of polka dots and I loved how the gold and silver dots added a certain amount of pizazz without being overwhelming. It is a subtle print, that matched almost anything. It also has all the flirt with the layered skirt, ruched bodice and the gorgeous ruffles at the sleeves. The dress sways as you walk and the slight slit adds a bit of sexiness without being too revealing. The neckline might be my favorite part of the dress. It has a double V, with a much deeper one in the back, with a tie at the neckline.

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The Colors

This dress comes in five, yes FIVE colors, white, a mauve-y pink, navy, black, and a mustard yellow. I own it in the first three colors, and eventually want to buy it in black. As much as I love this dress, mustard does not look good on me! White was the gateway into this dress. I love the gold dots on it, and it truly is timeless. It goes with EVERYTHING! I have styled it with my blue denim jacket, white denim jacket, sweaters, and even dusters. It would also be perfect for a bride for a wedding shower, or even the rehearsal dinner.

I had originally planned on getting the black which has gold dots, but it was sold out in my size so I went with the navy which has silver dots and I am obsessed. I feel like navy is the new black. It is classy, yet can be worn day or night,  and is even great for work! The last color I got was a mauve pink, also with gold dots. It is a perfect neutral and will be great as a transitional piece into the fall, NOT that I am ready for fall just yet!

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This is a dress that has so much pizzazz and yet is the epitome of chic, femininity, and versatility. The frills make it stand out without being overbearing. I wore it out to a dressy dinner with stiletto bow heels, yet I also paired it with flip flops and a black sweater to walk around the city. It is both theatre perfect, yet work appropriate. If you have a day where you can’t get back home to change, this is the perfect dress to wear. Just switch up accessories and you are ready for whatever even you need to attend!

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What do you think of the dress? Do you buy the same style in multiple colors? 

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