What DO I Wear?!?! The Versatile V-Neck Sweater

“Fashion is part of our culture, and it’s about more than just a pretty dress.” ~ Joan Smalls

First shoot of 2021

My first photo shoot of 2021 was snowy, freezing, and I am shocked I did not turn into Olaf. It wasn’t quite as bad as my shoot in the spring I did right before everything shut down, because this time at least I was shooting winter content and not in a spring/summer wardrobe. It was tough taking pics rocking sweaters, I shudder to think about doing it in rompers again!

To say it was an adventure would be an understatement, my tripod kept falling over from the wind, and my hair was in a constant state of disaster. Not to mention, all the times I THOUGHT I was smiling, and I was actually grimacing. But hey it makes for some awesome memories, and a greater appreciation for hot hands and 90 degree temps.

Sweater Weather

Winter in New England is brutal. It is one of the reasons, okay the MAIN reason, I don’t want to live here. To stay warm, I am all about the sweaters and leggings. Literally, coziness is the name of the fashion game and Lulus has some of the coziest sweaters including this black one which I also happened to have just bought in a pinkish mauve color and tan. If it works, buy multiples, is my motto!

The sweater is insanely cozy. The material is super soft and NOT itchy, unlike some sweaters can be. I love that it is long enough to wear with tights, but still short enough to wear with leggings. In other words it is ALSO the perfect length! The deep V in the back takes it from being basic to extra and you KNOW I love my extraness. It is sexy without being overt, which I love.

Styling it

I have been styling this sweater multiple ways, because it is so versatile. Especially when wearing the black or tan which are blank canvases so the sky is the limit with styling. As I said thanks to the length you can wear it with leggings or tights. For this post I decided to style it with what have fast  become my favorite booties, and were my go to all Christmas season, The green booties from Macys, which also happens to come in other colors. They also get more comfortable the more you wear them.

I decided to let the shoes and sweater be the statements. Though, I am a huge fan of the necklace in the back, and decided my staple Eiffel Tower necklace would be the perfect piece to do that trend. I finished it with my stale barnacle hoops from Sewcialite. As much as I was NOT ready to strut my stuff in the cold, this look is not just perfect for that, but also to curl up on the couch for warmth! I love that this sweater can be casual or dressy. In this COVID Era, finding clothing that is versatile and gets the most bang for your buck is a necessity, and this sweater has it in spades!

Are you a sweater and boots fan? How would you style this look? 

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3 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! The Versatile V-Neck Sweater

  1. Babe I love these photos. Those boots are GORGEOUS as are you & I love the deep v in the sweater, it definitely gives it that extra something special which I’m all about too. Love so much <3 xxx

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