What DO I Wear?!?! The Winter Jacket Of The Season

 “He wore his hope like a winter coat, layered over the top of all of him.” ~ Cora Carmack

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The Search 

Happy Monday friends! I hope you have an amazing week ahead and that you survived the cold as well as the snow we are receiving today! It was a snow storm! We are currently getting a foot of snow! And I am currently dreaming of beaches and the Côte d’Azur. Definitely gaping to my mind palace as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes said! With the bitter cold snap and now the snowstorm we are currently having, I thought it was time to share one of my favorite recent purchases. I had mentioned this jacket briefly in a recent blog post and of course I have been taking ALL the pictures in it. But now it gets the spotlight that it deserves!

I have been on the hunt for a super warm jacket that doesn’t break the bank for years! It began my first winter in New York and has continued the last two years in New England, to no avail. And even with moving to a warmer location, having a great winter jacket in the arsenal is always a good idea, especially if you plan on traveling or visiting places that are cold. Personally for me, I can not bear to be cold, and so while I have to put up with it, and I do, I also do everything in my power to dress as warmly as I possibly can, which includes finding the warmest jacket I can. While I would LOVE a Canada Goose jacket, it does not fit into the budget and is something I can NOT justify buying at the moment. Maybe at some point, but not right now in my life. Thus the hunt for the perfect jacket is an endless search.

One where I have found jackets that have potential, but alas didn’t fit all my criteria. My first couple years in New York, I wore what I called a knock off parka from Michael Kors, that was very similar to Canada Goose. Alas, because I wore it so much, it began to lose its warmth. I have another “knock off” from Amazon that is also similar to Canada Goose at the minuscule of the price, but it isn’t long enough. Heck I even tried “The Coat” and while I loved it, and it is super stylish, it was on the shorter side, and warmth just isn’t there.

Vita Spiga

Thus, I continued my search and I found this jacket from Vita Spiga on Nordstroms this year. While this jacket doesn’t fit all my criteria and the search will continue, (also, I am well aware that I have probably spent the equivalent on jackets the last ten years as a Canada Goose, and I probably should just buy one, but then again, they are as expensive as a month’s rent and I can’t justify it, anyway digressing) it has gotten me through the brutal temps of the last few days, of which I am grateful for. Honestly it was the style of this jacket that attracted me first. Winter coats are as much of a fashion statement as a dress or good shoes. Especially if you live in a cold weather place like New England or a city like New York chances are you’re jacket will be a winter staple for months on end. It is essentially an extension of your wardrobe and this jacket is super chic.

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The Jacket

This jacket screams city chic, while still keeping you warm. The asymmetrical style separates itself from most other winter jackets in the market and adds a sophistication that you would only find in a dress coat. It has a huge wide collar that not only adds warmth, but also even more style to the jacket, and the belt finishes if off making it more tailored as opposed to bulky which you so often find in a winter coat. It is incredibly lightweight and packable, but still extremely warm. It is also water proof which is a nice feature when it is snowing or raining out. It also fits my criteria as far as length. It is super long which I love, covering my boots and helps to keep my legs warm. I have actually received a lot of comments about the length, because so many jackets are NOT long.

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The only con to this jacket is that because of the wide collar, it doesn’t have a hood and the pockets don’t zip, though they are extremely deep, so you don’t have to worry about things falling out. I have been rocking this jacket all winter including in extremely cold places and it has kept me warm, granted I am rarely without a Dudley. It is perfect for walks on the beach as well as going out to a dressier place. It really is an extension of my wardrobe and really melds fashion with functionality and most importantly warmth! Will I keep searching for the perfect winter jacket that doesn’t cost as much as rent? Most definitely! But is this a nice chicer alternative unit I do? Yes it is! It is also currently on sale and fit is true to size.

Do you have a winter jacket you love? Or are you always on the hunt for a jacket that provides optimal warmth? 

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