What DO I Wear: The Yellow Romper

“For me, my favorite trends of summer are lots of color, wedges, rompers and bright lipstick.” ~ Janel Parrish

Shopping For Rompers

I have mentioned before about my albite first world struggles, but you would think as a vertically challenged woman, I would have no problems finding a romper that fits. Alas rompers apparently hate me for no darn reason and I have much better luck with a good ol’ jumpsuit ironically. While I might have to cut a foot off, they at least cover my derriere.70E34143-733F-4A43-BFBA-A3E76F5190E8

For whatever reason, rompers are always way, way, way, to short. To the point everyone is seeing a little to much if you know what I mean. If I am short, wouldn’t they be to long? You would think, but apparently logic was not made when it came to the romper thus I have shied away from them,


I also admit I am not wholly comfortable in them. I have skater thighs and anything cut short or tight, makes me squirm and reach for a blanket to shelter under. We ALL have our trouble spots. and my skater thighs are mine. I am coming to terms and attempting to embrace them, but it has taken twenty-nine LOOOONGGGG years in doing so. Life is a work in progress peeps.


The Romper

I found this Romper at a boutique in Burlington, Vermont. It was SO far outside my comfort zone; color wise, pattern, and the fact that it was a romper and I would be showing leg. Yikes!

//Romper: Ecco// Duster: Anthropologie //Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs //Bracelet: BCBG //Flip-flops: Aldo //Sunnies:Ray-Ban

But, I also loved it because it WAS outside my comfort zone! I know, I know What? I am a Gemini after all! Which means I am confusing and contradictory AF.

My friends convinced me to try it on, and I kinda sorta fell in love with it. But I was still unsure. You know when you want to love something, but you can’t because you have never worn it? That was the internal battle I was going between. I swear rompers confuse the logic right out of me.


I loved how it wasn’t skin tight, but flowy at the leg, almost looking like a dress. I loved the colorful pattern and the silky material. It ties at the neck and has a deep V making it a great choice for a night out. I was still nervous about it being short, but my friends assured me I wasn’t;t giving anyone a show. Thank the lord for honest friends!


Styling it

I sound like a broken record, but like most everything in my closet, this romper is very versatile. I have worn it to go clubbing, as well as to walk around the Harbor Islands in Boston.

For this look, I went for a more casual OOTD, pairing the romper with a long white duster and my blush flip-flops. I went all out with the bling, wearing my staples, but also adding a SeaMilligan Design necklace that is quite colorful, matching the vibrant palette in the brightly neon romper.


Whether it is pairing it with flip-flops or my blush stilettos, I love this romper and I have been rocking it quite a bit this summer. Fashion is about feeling comfortable while at the same time pushing boundaries. You never want to stay stagnate, and while I am all about being comfortable, sometimes pushing past those walls can lead to the most surprising, but equally rewarding results. It might have taken years, but I am so happy I bought this.


What do you think of this look? DO you wear rompers? 

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6 thoughts on “What DO I Wear: The Yellow Romper

  1. Woo you go girl! I totally love this outfit, and a versatile outfit that can be dressed up OR down is always the one. I bet this looks amazing on a night out but as you have showcased it here as the perfect Summer outfit it looks fab too!!! Such a great choice hun and I’m proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone, it’s paid off because you totally rock this outfit hun and it looks amazing on you. Beauty! Thanks for writing such an inspiring post all about stepping outside your comfort zone and loving your body no matter what! Love ya ❤️

  2. You can pull off rompers so well! Me on the other hand, not so much! Lol. I love the color you picked out, yellow is such a nice and summery color and obviously perfect for sunny weather. It’s the perfect, casual outfit even for going out to the beach

  3. Your legs are amazing, babe, you shouldn’t be insecure about ’em one bit. ♡ You are looking HOT in that romper!! & oh my gosh, the confusing & contradictory Gemini curse– I’m the exact same way LOL.

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