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What DO I Wear!?!? These Boots were Made For Walking


“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” ~ Henry Rollins

As a fashionista and a city dweller shoe wear has to be both comfortable AND fashionable. I walk everywhere. Which means I walk to work or meetings or school daily. While I would love to just throw on some sneaks, or better yet flip-flops, I can’t very well do that if I am wearing a skirt, and the jeans and sneaks look does NOT look good on me. At all. Believe me I have tried, and ended up crying at the blasphemy every time!

Thus my search for comfy yet stylish shoes. They are out there. I promise you!

This Fall I found the mother of all comfy shoes or rather boots and boy are they stylish!

I had been looking for a pair of low heeled boots for well over a year, since my trusty ones bit the dust. Literally. Years of resoling them had finally come to an end and I had to find a pair that hopefully didn’t break my bank OR my feet. My poor feet had already been beaten up after years of stuffing them into stiff boots with knives attached. To add insult to injury I would then throw myself up into the air and land triple my body weight jump after jump. I needed to take care of these buggers I am only in my (ahem) late twenties after all!

I had actually flown in Columbus day weekend and went with my Mom to do some early Christmas shopping. Low and behold walking through Macy’s with a spotlight from the heavens on them were MY boots.

They were similar to the boots that had bitten the dust in the spring (may they rest in peace) with about an inch of heel, made of grayish suede they hit just below my knee. What was more they had straps that came over the heel and fabric that lay over the foot creating a different yet stylish look then a typical boot. I was in love!

They were also on sale!


I prayed to the Shoe Gods hoping they had my size and low an behold they did!

Now breaking in shoes of any kind is not fun. While I have had years of experience being a skater girl (and yes I really did wear my skates around my house) my feet cringe at the memory.

But these boots were easy peasy. I have literally walked miles in a day wearing them and my feet haven’t cried out wondering what the hell I did to them! I am definitely itching to get another pair.

Do you have a pair of boots that you could walk a thousand miles in?

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