What Do I Wear: Tropical Palms Dress

“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air.” -Emerson

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Palm Print Obsessed

Friends not going to lie, but I have a slight obsession with palm prints. There is something about the colorful leafy print that instantly puts me in a great mood. Not only that, but it makes me want to grab some rum and a coconut and let my toes play in the sand! It is a print that screams summer even when the weather isn’t cooperating, and transports me instantly to sunnier times. From bathing suits, to sweaters, to my favorite; dresses, it is a print that works on everything and admittedly I may own way to much of.

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But CAN you own to much? I don’t really think so! Especially as someone who is in a constant state of summer. While it is a pattern which typically comes in shades of green and white, the palm motif has gotten colorful and you can find it in all shades. One of my favorite dresses has blue and pink pastel palms on it. I love the various takes on it and it just adds more variety to my wardrobe!

The Dress

I had seen this dress floating around on Lulu’s website over the last year and was obsessed with it. Yet, as someone who has WAY to many dresses already, I couldn’t justify the purchase, and I really didn’t have any place to wear it too. But friends sometimes it is serendipitous, because my best friend for my birthday, knowing how much I love Lulu’s, gave me a gift card. Not only that, but the dress was (and still is!) on sale!  It was meant to be friends and I didn’t waste any time snagging it!

Admittedly part of my hesitation in getting the dress is because it is pink with green palm leafs. And while it is a huge departure in style from anything I own, color wise, I do own a lot of pink. I can’t help it! I just love the color! That said the light pink background of this dress with the green of the palms is simply divine! It sounds like it would clash, but green and pink really are two bright, happy colors that pair well together.

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As I mentioned the dress is a bit of a departure with its’ sweetheart neckline in the front, and big square cut-out in the back. It ties at the bust making it adjustable, which I love as I don’t have to worry about the girls falling out. While the sleeves are short they are big and blouson, adding even more pizzaz. I was worried I would have to get it hemmed, but it is actually the perfect length! My favorite part of this dress though is that it has pockets! Who does not love pockets on a dress?

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While the dress itself is unique in style, it is extremely versatile when wearing out. It is perfect as a beach cover up, but also great to wear for a night out or as I am utterly dress obsessed, just because you love wearing dresses. It is flowy, and so incredibly flattering. For the shoot, I paired it with my roped heel slides which are super trendy right now, but I could have just as easily worn some stilettos or flip flops. My Cascading Coral Earrings, which are the epitome of beachy, paired beautifully with it. And since it is the summer, as much as I love the sun, I am all about protecting my face and my Panama hat from Amazon is the perfect accessory. It is an effortlessly chic, colorful, look that makes me feel summer ready. Though let’s face it, I have been summer ready all along!

Are you a fan of the palm print? What is your favorite print? 

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