What Do I Wear?!?! Ugly Christmas Sweaters

‘There’s something about a Christmas sweater that will always make me laugh.” ~ Kristen Wiig

“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters 

I use to hate Christmas sweaters. I know! What? Me? Miss pseudo Santa Clause herself? But guys, let’s be real, they are NOT fashionable! Regardless of whether they are “Ugly” or not, they just aren’t.


I feel like I have a pretty good sense of humor, and there is definitely humor involved, especially if you wear an ugly sweater. They are also incredibly festive, even if they can stray to the gaudy and tacky side, which is why I am not a fan, or I should say use to not be a fan. I do not do tacky, and while I love being festive, I still try to stay classy and chic.


Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are obsessed with Ugly Christmas Sweaters AND can pull it off. They will even make their own Christmas sweaters adding pom-poms and tinsel and I applaud them for that, as I have mentioned before, I am NOT crafty, and figuring out how to get pom-poms to stick sound like a bad headache. I also would loo like a deranged clown if I tried to wear one, no matter how funny it might be.


The Sweater

That said not all sweaters are ugly and I found the cutest “ugly” Christmas sweaters that were way more chic then tacky. They had just enough sparkle to be festive, while still staying classy. Designed by the brand Karen Scott, I discovered them at Macy’s a couple years ago. She has all different styles, and prints, and every year she comes out with new designs. She has a nice mixture of outlandish and gaudy and chic and festive.


The first one I bought was on the tamer side as far as sweaters go, black like the New Yorker I am, it has two sequined candy canes and that was it. It was my first foray into Christmas Sweaterland and I didn’t hate it.


The second one, was a little more true to what you think of a Christmas sweater being. It had a large sequined reindeer with a puffed out plaid bow, and stars and snowflakes all around it. It was also green, which was a bit louder, but I loved it all the same.2ACFE452-8E2F-4295-962F-B8A82ABCC7F3


Perhaps the true challenge in wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater is how to style it. You can truly live it up with plaid or Christmas printed pants, or balance it the sweater out with neutral colored leggings or jeans. My tastes are definitely for the latter. I bought both sweaters oversized so I could wear them with leggings. I am all about covering the booty! But they were still short enough that I could still wear them with jeans. Depending on the dress code some people might wear these to a more casual Christmas party. I on the other hand, think they are perfect to wear for a festive Christmas theme girls night in, drinking eggnog, watching Christmas movies, and maybe doing some wrapping.4FF1CA3B-F113-49EB-B480-6D6EA7A6BD9F

Which is why I am all about the comfort and honestly letting the sweater do the talking. Simple is key, especially with a piece as busy as these sweaters. Minimum jewelry, a festive (and staple) red lip, and I am good to go. I have been converted just a little bit, and it really is a fun way to celebrate the season.


Are you a fan of Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Do you buy them or make them? 

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4 thoughts on “What Do I Wear?!?! Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  1. I don’t have any, but I love them and want to add some to my closet. Loved this! You always look so chic, even in Christmas themed sweaters!

  2. Eeeekkkkkkk! I love that green sweater, it’s so stinkin’ cute! I’m a BIG fan of “ugly” Christmas sweaters, I have about 17 that I’ve accumulated over the years and I wear as many as I can throughout the season; they’re just the best!

  3. I LOVE “ugly” Christmas sweaters & your two are adorable!! Glad you have changed your opinions on them because they look great on you. 😉

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