What DO I Wear!? Wedding Edition!

Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence. ~ George Clinton

Last week, I had two weddings to attend which threw me into a fashion conundrum.

What is a girl to wear?!?

Especially when you can not wear the same outfit two days in a row!

Usually I love my clothes to much to be diva enough to only wear something more then once. That stated, I still refuse to commit the fashion faux pas of wearing it twice in a row. At least give the outfit a chance to breath and be dry cleaned before donning it again.

Thus I needed something asap!

When I first realized I had multiple weddings to attend this summer, running into the fall I scoured my staple sites looking for something versatile, comfortable, and of course fashionable to wear. I had stumbled on to this divine maxi dress from BCBG. Pleated in a flattering halter style with exquisite beading at the neckline. It was absolutely perfect. Bonus it was in my favorite shade of green-blue.


Then came the down side. Almost every wedding I am attending, the attendants are wearing the same stunning color.

Thus I sadly hemmed the dress, then tucked it into my closet to save for a rainy day, or a gala in the city where you don’t have to worry about what you wear as long as it is black tie formal and yes a bit designer.

Having to find a new dress quickly, I was in a fashion dilemma. Most of my wardrobe is made up of blues. It is not only my favorite color, but one I know looks good on me. You want to feel comfortable in what you wear. It is in my opinion, the key to confidence which transitions into looking beautiful.

I searched high and low, telling myself well maybe early spring will have something which transitioned into late spring and finally summer.




On a whim, I decided to check out BHLDN which is owned by Anthropologie. It is a site dedicated to wedding fashion. And where – ever tie the knot – I will be getting my dress. Boasting of lace, vintage and old Hollywood glamour, it is every fashionista’s dream.

It was there, I stumbled on a long pink tulle skirt. They had several different styles; Knee length, high-low, and a maxi. I had first thought I would buy the maxi, but then I fell in love with the high-low and knew that would be part of my new wedding attendee outfit.


Having the skirted figured out, I now needed to decide what kind of top. Being a lace kind of girl, I had seen a lace top that looked absolutely stunning. Just as I was about to press order, I discovered it was a tad sheer and that it was recommended that you buy a nude cami to go underneath,

To quote my nephew, “No thank you!”

Thus the hunt continued. I was elated when I found a cropped beaded camisole with a tulle over lay. It was just what I had in mind.

The battle wasn’t over yet.

I flew home a week before my friends wedding, having tried on the skirt, it needed some serious hemming. The front fit perfectly if it was a maxi skirt and the back…Well Grace Kelly would have been proud of the train. Thus I prayed that the woman who hems my clothes would be able to finish it in time.


In the interim I found out another friend was getting married the day before. Thus I began to panic once again about what to wear. The skirt was only going to be finished the day before the other wedding and I I would already be in Maine. When I realized my friend wasn’t having attendants, I was elated that I could wear whatever I wanted with the exception of white of course.

I decided to pull out what would have been old faithful. She wouldn’t have to wait to have her moment to shine after all.

Keeping it beachy chic since it was a day wedding and on the beach, I decided to keep my jewelry minimalistic, play up my eye make-up and go for waves, letting the dress do the talking. Thanks to the wind, it did. A lot!


Since the Saturday wedding, was much more formal, I decided to go all out. Glamming it up so that the Oscars had nothing on me (except real Harry Winston jewels). I also went outside my comfort zone.

Having seen many a celeb use black as an accent color, I decided to be daring, and use that as my pop against the blush pink pallet I was rocking. Pairing black lace wedges and a black pashmina with a black pendant necklace, it added the right pizzazz without looking like I had stepped into crazy town.

It is definitely one of my favorite outfits I have worn.


Not only was love in the air, but I was comfortably fashionable, as well as being fashionably comfortable. A wedding attendee success!


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