What DO I WEAR!?!? You Make Me Blush Edition

“Fashion is about good energy. It’s about feelings. That’s what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.” ~ Adriana Lima

Accessories make an outfit and pull any outfit from drab to fab in seconds. It can also change how an outfit looks dramatically. One of the colors of fall (pulled from summer) is blush pink with more muted undertones. I absolutely adore this color and I admit I have gone crazy with buying accessories.

Sea Glass Tassel Necklace: 

With a wedding coming up, I asked Catherine from Sea Milligan Designs If she had any sea glass in a blushy pink. Always prompt, she responded right away and said that she had one jewelry grade piece. She picked my brain on the color scheme I wanted. Thankfully, she understood what my frenzied mind wanted, because she put together several mock ups with beads ranging from tan and cream to blush pinks. I was in love with them all and after asking for her expertise and she sharing the ones she loved (which also happened to be the ones I loved) I finally settled on pink and cream, with a tan tassel. It was stunning in the pictures and I could not wait for it to arrive.


Speedy as always, she finished the necklace and shipped it with in a week. I was so excited for it to arrive, constantly checking my mailbox for it. Let me just say pictures did not even do it justice.  It was exactly what I wanted and absolutely perfect for my outfit. I have been wearing it every day since! She truly is a sea lass gem and I highly recommend her unique one of a kind jewelry perfect for mermaids and landlubbers alike!



Labor day always makes me cry with bouts of summer time sadness and laugh with shoppers delight at sales. This year it did not disappoint. All summer I have coveted pink sun glasses. Early in the season I found a pair of Kate Spade ones. Unfortunately they were deplorable with my face shape when I tried them on. I looked like an oversized monkey with the and monkeys are cuter! I  was disheartened but it didn’t stop me as I searched high and low from Nordstroms Annual sale, to the deals haven of Nordstrom Rack to Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Sunglass Hut, and any store famous or obscure I could think of. With sensitive eyes, I need something with a polarized lens and UV protection so splurging on sunglasses is something I have no qualms about.

Finally. Finally. Another one of my obsessions came through in the name of Tory Burch. With a Labor Day deal like no other, I was sold. Sold. Sold! Sometimes pictures online can distort the color. Not these. Once again they were utterly perfect in shape color and most of all the lenses don’t distort the world in weird colors when I wear them. These are also going to be added to my Attending a Wedding outfit and any other I can think of!


Cote D’Azur Charm Cuff:

Henri Bendel is a New York staple with its trés chic assortment of accessories. I love exploring the flagship store on Fifth avenue with floors upon floors of fashionista gold. One such gem is the Cote D’Azure Charm Cuff. This isn’t a new splurge, but fits in with the blush pink theme. I have been rocking this bracelet all summer. With its double band and delicate set of jewels, this bracelet is not just perfect to sass up any outfit, but also fits in with both the summer and now fall trends.


Tartini Drop Earrings:

I actually own these earrings in a clear crystal and I absolutely adore the simplicity, yet also the fact they can be dressed up or dressed down. When I discovered that Anthropologie had made these in a blushy rose I fan girl-ed and knew I had to have them. Am I happy I got them! Not only do they take my outfit to that next fashionista level. The color is not only on trend, but also goes with almost anything.


Tote Bag: 

I have had my eye on Kate Spade’s Cedar Street Harmony tote for years. First when it was in a delectable Kelly Green and then this past spring when it came out in a gorgeous Oh My I am Blushing Pink. Of course like most of Kate’s products, you snooze you loose and I missed it before that blush could disappear from my cheeks!

But once again my girl Tory came to the rescue. I debated. I even hemmed and hawed about it. It wasn’t MY tote. It could not compare to Kate. Boy was I wrong. I ended up going to the store where a very helpful clerk came to my rescue and let me test not one, but TWO bags in  my favorite versatile color. I finally settled on the Perry tote. A spacious open tote in a cuddle me soft leather where I may or may not have to refrain from petting it. I am able to fit everything into it and more! Move aside Kate! I definitely did not snooze with this purchase!


Are you Blushing for pink? What are you coveting in this color?

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