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What Do I Wear?!?!The Edgy Blazer

What Do I Wear?!?!The Edgy Blazer

“I’m such a boots-jeans-tops-blazer girl.” ~ Yvonne Strahovski


The last week the air has definitely gotten crisper. While a part of me is fighting the colder temps because I know it will be a long seven months until it is warm again, I am excited for fall fashion.


Unfortunately, as has been the case the last few years, fall is hot late into November and spring doesn’t arrive until May. Thus the struggle to straddle fall fashion while not sweating to the high heavens is a challenge.


Darker, muted palettes, booties (though I do try to rock my flip-flops for as long as possible) and trends with lighter material help keep me in style, while still cooling me down. As fall is the season for jackets, I always want to rock one in my “I have a jacket problem” collection the moment September begins.



That is where blazers come in. Blazers are chic, stylish and pull anything together. From business attire, to ripped jeans to even sweat pants, it is a classic piece that EVERYONE needs to have in their wardrobe.


Gone is the suit material and bulkiness of the eighties. Blazers today are easily versatile. From the classic suit material and shoulder pads (DO NOT DO IT!) to comfy knits embracing a more casual look, to one of my favorites, the cape blazer,ย there is something for everyone.

//Top: Free People //Jacket and skirt: Anthropologie //Shoes: DSW // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs // Earrings: Free People//

One of my favorite blazers definitely does not fall into the traditional category. Bought from Anthropologie a couple years ago. It is a year round staple. The black and white striped print, gives it an updated look, and the open faced front with the wipers gives it an edgier vibe. It is so incredibly versatile too. I can wear it with jeans, to a business meeting, or with a skirt.


The Outfit

I had actually featured this top and skirt last fall on another blog. While crop tops typically scream summer, paired with high waisted pants and skirts, they are perfect for fall and even have the added bonus of keeping you cool until the leaves really begin to change.


This is one of my favorite styles, colors, and all around tops, and I admit to being a proud re-wearer of this. From Free People, this brami is so versatile, and the color is perfect for fall. Though, really I will rock it year round!


I kept my jewelry to my staples, and added some black wedges to further pull the color scheme into fall. Not only did the jacket change a look I rock quiet often, it is further proof (at least in my book) you can channel your inner Kate and Meghan and get multiple looks out of the same pieces. I also wasn’t overheating, while still working those fall vibes. A win-win until the temps drop!


What do you think of the blazer? Are you a fan? How do you transition your outfits from season to season? ย ย 

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