What Is In My Beach Bag

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.” ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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The Beach Version 

Hello, hello, friends! And happy Monday! I hope the week is filled with lots of fun! I have been wanting to do a post like this forever! I have had the beach bag version of “What’s In my Bag.” in my head for years and never actually posted or wrote it which is shocking to me. Believe me, I spent over an hour going through notes and blog posts and drafts to see if I had actually posted it and nope nada. Ever have an idea so ingrained in your mind that you figured you MUST have posted it? Well that is me.

Honestly as a mermaid, I feel I have failed my fellow mermaid and beach goers, but alas I am about to rectify that! It should come as no shock to you all that I keep my beach bag packed pretty much all season and you could even argue all YEAR round. Some things never leave my bag unless I am washing it, just because they are ONLY for the beach, so without further adieu let us get to it!

The RIGHT Beach Bag

First and foremost having the right beach bag is so incredibly important. You want something that is durable to hold all your things, which is why I LOVE Sea Bags. I have shared Sea Bags which is a Maine based company before. They take used sails and turn them into bags which means they are Hulk strength practically! I have had my current bag for years. It is the perfect size to hold ALL my things, including my tripod, while not being to big that it is unmanageable. I love the colorful print inside and of course it has an anchor on the front which I love.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t have pockets or anything for organizing which is why having pouches is a must to keep everything organized. Sea Bags has smaller pouches that I use as well as a combination of other nautical based brands like Alaina Marie and Sewcialite.

The Necessities

While I like to think everything in my bag is a necessity, let’s be real not everything is. First and foremost sunscreen. I can not stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. Slathering it on now will help you to not have to spend money years down the road. My favorite sunscreen by far is Coola. Their organic mineral based sunscreen is the best and smells amazing. I am also obsessed with their new hydrating facial sunscreen that helps moisturize as well as protects. I always keep extra bottles of sunscreen in my bag, because I am so OCD about protecting my skin.

I could talk about sunscreen for years but moving on, water is also important. Staying hydrated even when it isn’t hot is necessary because as much as I find the salt air invigorating it can also be quite draining. Pro- tip: I always fill my S’well water bottle with ice and then I add water to it, so it is cold for hours and a nice way to get some relieve. I also bring extra water, because I never know how much I am going to drink.

A beach blanket slash towel is also important. I actually have both in my bag. While I won’t go in the water unless it is super hot out, I don’t want to get my blanket wet when I lay out on it and likewise I don’t want to lay out on something wet. It also gives me something extra to wrap myself up in if it is cold which a lot of time it is. Chappy Wrap is perfect to lay out on as well as wrap myself up in on those cooler days.

Other must haves are baby wipes and hand sanitizer which believe it or not I have carried them before any pandemic. I have actually been asked multiple times if I have children because I use baby wipes to wipe things up and clean my hands. (I buy the organic unscented ones.) A portable charger is also a must! Even if you aren’t creating content it is important to have a back up in case your phone dies. I debated adding this here, but extra clothes are also a must. At least for me. I always have a sweatshirt and leggings packed, because when high tide starts rolling in, it gets awfully breezy!

Now the Fun Stuff

Okay some of this stuff might not be “fun,” but they aren’t a necessity per se. Though some of you might disagree with me and that is okay! You might have noticed I didn’t mention food, because while you might get hangry, for me it isn’t a necessity as much as water is. But I do always bring some fun snacks to munch on while I am at the beach. My current obsession at the moment are the Sweet and Salty Pop Corners. They are so yummy and relatively healthy. I also have been known to make a quick detour to the Holy Donut, for a Maine staple, because why the heck not?

Reading materials are a must. While I do have books on my phone, sometimes it can be hard to see to read, so I always love having a good paperback on hand. Games are another must, especially if you are going with friends. A ball to throw around, or even some tubes to lay in, lazy river style, is always fun to have even as adults.

Honorable Mentions

I am always wearing my hat so technically it isn’t in my beach bag, but a hat is must to help shield you from the sun. I love these wicker ones from Amazon, they are great quality while not breaking your bank and are cute to boot. Sunglasses are also a must. That sun is bright! I also always have some lipstick on hand as well as my Tula brightening eye balm which always feels refreshing after being out in the sun for hours.

Another, technically it doesn’t go in my beach bag is coffee! Or my newest obsession from Starbucks the Strawberry Açaí lemonade. I always have one in hand and it not only helps me get through the day, but is refreshing on hot days.

And while it doesn’t fit in my beach bag, a beach chair is always a great idea. I have a back pack one that makes carting it around much easier, and bonus it comes with a cooling pouch for food. It isn’t much, but these items make the most optimum beach days..at least in my mermaid mind!

Whats in your beach bag. What are you beach must haves? Do you leave your beach bag packed all summer? 

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