What to bring to the Beach when in Maine

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” ― Jacques Yves Cousteau

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The Maine Coast

Happy May friends! Not only does this weather make it feel like Summer is just around the corner, it technically is almost here and I could not be more excited for it! I live for these days. Days spent by the ocean listening to the waves cresting, the sand between my toes, and the sun beating down on me like a warm hug. Like the true mermaid I am, it makes me so happy for beach days! And as you all know, I have a special place in my heart for Maine. The coast is so unique with its rocky landscape formed over millions of years from glaciers as well as waves and ocean water crashing against them. It is like a huge playground climbing over the rocks as the waves crash feet away. and not going to lie, a slight safety hazard.

Cool at the Coast

While I love Maine, and its’ beautiful coast, it is always a good few (or twenty) degrees cooler even in the heart of summer it is chilly, and technically the water isn’t the warmest until the end of July and August. Of course that doesn’t stop me! You will just find me bundled up in a Chappy Wrap and an oversized sweatshirt, as I enjoy my beach time or work from the beach AKA WFTB (I am going to make this an ancronym!) Don’t get me wrong you will find people jumping in the water in the beginning of May despite the water being in the fifties and the wind blowing, But you’ll also find people who are just like I am, who sit on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Whether you are a daring soul who channels your inner Elsa and doesn’t let the cold Maine waters bother you anyway, or you are like I am and are content being bundled up sitting by the water, here are some things to make your beach going experience absolute perfection, especially when at the Maine coast.

Beach Chair

I talked about this beach chair all last summer, but it literally was and is the best and my most favorite purchase! If you are going to be spending any amount of time at the beach, you need a good, comfy, supportive beach chair, and this is that. It comes with two pillows for support, arm holes so your shoulders aren’t scrunched when laying on your stomach. It has a foot rest and can recline multiple levels including completely flat, yet you are still raised. It is the perfect chair for a fun, yet restful beach day. It is a bit of an investment, but one that will last you multiple summers.

A Chappy Wrap Blanket

I know, I know, I share these all the time. I love myself a Chappy Wrap and they are the perfect blanket to take to the beach. They are incredibly durable, and don’t hold the sand like a lot of blankets do. They are made of a sustainable fleece so have that extra warmth for when it is a little chillier and they are large so you can share them with others, or just keep it to yourself. They really are the best! They come in a bunch of designs and I love that it is a small women owned business located in Maine!

A sweatshirt/jacket

I am someone who is always cold, so I always have a sweatshirt or ten on hand. I love Dudley Stephen’s Popham Pullovers which are warm while still being chic and lightweight. As someone who is a Lululemon ambassador, I will also rock a Lululemon sweatshirt, in fact I have been known to rock their Another Mile jacket which is the epitome of warmth. With its hood, thumbholes, and all the pockets it does the trick! The weather at the coast especially in Maine is always changing so having a sweatshirt or jacket of some kind is always a beach boss move.


Sunscreen is SO incredibly important. I wear it every single day even when I am not at the beach. But when I am, I always reapply multiple times. I know I say it often, but our skin is our largest organ and we need to protect it! The two sunscreens I use are Coola and Kiehl’s, though if it has SPF in it, I will use it if I have nothing else. Coola is phenomenal and my go to as they have a ton of sunscreens designed for the face including a new stick sunscreen, that makes applying super easy. Kiehl’s is also amazing and I love that both brands strive to be organic.

Phone Charger

A phone charger is one of the most important things you can have in your bag no matter where you go, but especially at the beach. I love this one from Amazon that just plugs into the wall and already has cords attached so you aren’t messing with anything. And it keeps your phone charged for hours.


As I said the weather can change on a dime, and it can get cold, especially in Maine. While I usually will rock dresses, or shorts, I always have a pair of pants on hand. I love the Lululemon joggers as they are loose, lightweight, and easy to slip on over my swimsuit. They also still look chic and I don’t look like I am the abominable snowman.

Drinks and Snacks

While some of the larger beaches do have concession stands, or even restaurants, not all do and they are usually pretty busy and expensive. I always bring water in my s’well water bottle which I fill with ice so it stays cold all day long, and I will bring snacks like Pop chips or kind bars to have on hand.

Carry it all in a Sea Bag

A beach bag is almost as important as what is in It, and seabag in my opinion are the best beach bags. They are made out of recycled sails so they are sustainable durable and they are also water proof. They come in so many different designs, including being customizable. The best part? Everything fits in one bag so I am not lugging a bunch of totes with me!

What do you bring to the beach? Ar you a minimalist or do you like to be comfortable? 

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