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What DO I Wear?!? The When You Are Feeling Blue Edition

What DO I Wear?!? The When You Are Feeling Blue Edition

I feel blue all the time. No seriously. It is my favorite color. I wear it when I am happy. When I am going on dates, especially if it is meeting “The Family.” I wear it for weddings. I even wear it when I am sad, and definitely wear it when I teach yoga or have to baby sit little tykes.

Blue is my armor. When I need a confidence boost, or have a meeting slash interview it is y go to. When I am running around my apartment having no idea what I want to wear and cursing at the fact I am going to be late and can’t fathom it, I reach for the blue portion of my wardrobe (which is pretty much everything!).


Hat and Kimono: Anthropologie // Shirt: J-Crew // Jeans: White House Black Market // Ballet Flats: Tory Burch // Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs 

Not to sound conceited but it is the one color I know I look good in. And I know I look good in it no matter what my hair color is, which is always a very real concern when you change your hair color as much as I do.

Blue symbolizes a wide variety of traits, such as calmness, intelligence, sincerity, and confidence. As a color, it wasn’t found in decoration or even in written visceral culture until the paleolithic period. As far as clothing, purple and red dyes were used long before ancient culture attempted to use the pretty blues. In fact it was the Egyptians who really began to incorporate the color into their culture, even creating a color called Egyptian blue.

While purple was reserved to heavily represent royalty and their upper echelon status. Blue was casted off for use by peasants and people of less to no importance. It wasn’t until King Louis IX revolutionized the color making blue acceptable once more for nobility to wear.


Glasses: Tory Burch // Shirt: Anthropologie // Jacket: LJC Designs // Shorts: J-Crew

Blue is also used to discern sexes which I protest loudly about. Girls can wear and look just as fantastic in blue, as boys do.

Imagine a world without blue?

While blue has a varied history. It is and will always be a staple and an important aspect to my style. Blue gets along with a wide variety of colors, and adds a vibrancy which can be muted or brightened. While I feel blue most of the time, it is a great kind of blue. How can you not love this color?

What is a staple color in your wardrobe?

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