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Where in The World Has Kate Been?


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius 

Bonus point is if you recognized my ode to nineties cartoons. If you did not, never mind…I just dated myself horribly! I have been all over the place I tell you! I kid. Kind of. The last two weeks have been a whirl wind and it does not end there! I am currently writing this, as I sit in the lounge waiting for my mode of transport to be called. I know, I know, I really am a wanderlusting nomad!

Two weeks ago I travelled to the West Coast to warm-up, soak up some sun and did I mention warmth? It was glorious! (Seriously picture choir of angels singing!)

I won’t lie, this week has been incredibly rough. From sixty degree weather to flying back to the polar vortex and Snow Storm Stella on top of a four hour time change (THANKS Spring Forward) If I counted the amount of times I have been saying I wish I was in Cali, I would have enough money to fly back there!

I will be recapping it all. I promise, when I get a moment to breathe. I have to say this trip was absolutely incredible. I feel truly blessed to have not just been able to go, but the people I was with, made it all the more special. My heart feels so full right now to be graced by such amazing people in my life.

Firstly, I could not ask for a better friend or travel partner. From the get-go, Sarah and I were on the same page, (and she isn’t even a Gemini!) from places to eat, to what we wanted to do, to knowing when to take a siesta  slash coffee break, to always having her game face on and never complaining. Ever! Girl walked in four inch heels…up hills! In San Francisco! And OWNED IT! I bow down to her and New York can not welcome her soon enough! Seriously, I will travel with her anytime. She isn’t just a kindred spirit, but also an incredibly remarkable woman whom I am grateful to have in my life and to have shared so many incredibly memories with.

Sarah and I stayed with my Aunt who lives in North Beach right next to Ghirardelli Square (talk about dangerous!). Her adorable apartment looked right out onto Alcatraz. Don’t worry, we didn’t attempt to swim out there! My aunt was an impeccable tour guide, showing us her city, and even taking us on a mermaid adventure. She definitely knows the way to her niece’s heart! My aunt is an incredible woman, with so much knowledge and live experience to be able to spend a week with her was truly special.

Flying back to the East Coast was bit of a let down, luckily though, Sarah and I still got some QT, thanks to Stella which ended up canceling my friends train and I got to show her how New Yorkers celebrate storms. (Hint: It includes copious amounts of alcohol and a bartender named Tim)

There is no rest for the weary. I am off again. I wish I could say it was to a tropical island, but alas I will have to make that my next vacay!

Lastly: Happy Saint Patty’s Day everyone! What are you doing to celebrate? Are you wearing green? I hope everyone has an amazing day and an amazing weekend! <3

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