Why I Hate the Term Coastal Grandmother

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” – Ralph Lauren

What IS Coastal Grandmother?!?!

Friends not going to lie, I have NO idea what coastal grandmother is, though there is in fact a band called that. According to the wonderful World Wide Web, I got that it is light colors, and nuetrals giving a clean airy vibe. Yeah still have NO idea WHY it is called coastal grandmother. I do know Tik-Tok star Lex Nicoleta originated the phrase and it may or may not be a dig at us millennial by the gen-zeers. Oh and if you love Nancy Meyer films this might be up your ally. Apparently Diane Keaton and Martha Stewart are the inspiration, though friends I STILL don’t understand it.

White Linen has been around for decades. It at one time was an ode to the preppier J-crew loving peeps during the summer, then it was the uniform of the Hamptonites, now apparently it makes you a Coastal Grandmother. I get it, I do. We have all been cooped up. This is the hot girl (and guy) summer, filled with revenge travel and freeing our faces from the masks. But WHY the heck name it Coastal Grandmother?

I STILL Don’t get it

I didn’t think I was having issues getting older, but I do take offense to this term as someone who loves all things coastal and nautical. There is nothing old about neutral colors, blue and white stripes, and linen. But it IS timeless. Ask Jackie O or Princess Diana, women who rocked this look and rocked it well in their twenties and thirties. Nor do you have to be retired to enjoy the beach AND a glass of wine.

While I would like to think I have the monopoly on coastal living, I know I don’t. As long as there has been ocean, there has been a fascination and obsession with the ocean. It is LITERALLY why Mount Desert Island was created. The wealthy loved the ocean.

A Trend That Needs a Name Change

This isn’t to shit on the trend. But definitely the name. Though I can’t deny the fact that it does have us ALL talking (and bitching) about it. I know plenty of grandmothers, and I am a way more costal grandmother then they are. In fact, they don’t even go by grandmother (Mimi, Mimsy, Gigi) so as a term it kinda falls by the way side. And this is from someone who’s bed time is nine o’clock or I turn into a pumpkin. No I am not a fan of calling all things nautical coastal grandmother, but I am down for maybe timeless coastal or if you want to pay homage to the kick ass women who have come before us, how about timeless grandmother?

How do you feel about Coastal Grandmother? Do you like the name? 

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