World Mental Health Day 2023: We ALL Matter

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” — Brené Brown

Today is world mental health day. I have been pretty open about my mental health struggles, though maybe not as transparent as I could and should be. This past year, especially I have struggled in ways I haven’t since I was in the throes of a decades long eating disorder. As someone who is always “fine” (thank you toxic generational traits) I don’t like to talk about my struggles when they are happening, but rather afterwards when I feel “better.” When I have that happy (for now) ending.

I more then anyone know how that isn’t realistic. Life ebbs and flows. Nothing is copasetic 24/7. And that is okay. It is HUMAN to admit when things suck. To pretend otherwise, is not reality. This might be blunt, but we live in a society that doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. Where we might shun toxic positivity, but the reality is, we crave it. Anytime we “get” uncomfortable whether it is because of something unpleasant happened to us, our loved ones, or the world as a whole, we aren’t allowed to handle those emotions that we deemed negative. And friends, let me be clear, no emotion is negative. It is human to not be happy all the time. It is human to be sad, and angry, and feel those emotions that are deemed less then “positive” to not feel ALL of it is unauthentic.

It also is NOT healthy. We HAVE to feel anger and sadness. We have to be able to yell and scream and cry. One of the greatest lesson’s I have learned to date, was from a yoga mentor, who told me tears are healing tears. If we don’t allow ourselves to shed them, we don’t allow ourselves to heal. This isn’t to say we wallow in our grief, but I am a strong believer in going through, not around, not taking shortcuts, or staying where we are, but actually feel every emotion as we travel this insane, but also incredible journey we call life, because ultimately, it is a gift.

It doesn’t always feel that way, especially this past year, but it is a gift and so are each and everyone of us. We are put here in all of our raw authenticness, in our utter humanness for a reason. We may never know how our actions impact those for the better. How our stories inspire others. Or even how just a smile or a hug can change someone’s day. But it does. WE do. And we matter. Every single one of us matters.

Every single one of us goes through shit. One person’s shit does not trump another’s so do not ever feel like you do not matter and what you are going through does not matter. And do not EVER be afraid of talking to someone, or even using medication. I am a huge proponent of both. And neither are shameful. We ALL need help to go through, and it is better to get that help, then to stay stuck and hurting.

And we are a civilization that IS hurting. I am a strong believer in that. If this past weekends events didn’t show us that, I don’t know what will. Hurt people, hurt people, so let’s do what we can to help heal ourselves and in turn help heal others. Because we ALL matter friends. All of us. And we NEED each other no matter who or where we come from. I am sending you all so much love, not just today, but every day.

And to my Jewish and Israeli friends, I see you, and I hurt for you, and I love you. And YOU matter. Every person deserves to be here, no matter WHO you are. Let us spread love friends. <3

How are you all doing?

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