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World’s End Deuxième Partie

World’s End Deuxième Partie

After my early morning adventure’s at World’s End, and the much needed coffee run, my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and I all headed back there for some exploration.

It was also the perfect place to take photos. My Brother and his family were announcing some exciting news. And I could use more photos for my portfolio. The fog had indeed burned off, and it was proving to be a gorgeous sunny, if not a tad chilly day. Perfect for pictures. I would take sun over fog any time, and if I had to freeze for the camera. Well it wouldn’t be the first time.


World’s End was first owned by farmer John Brewer in the 1800’s and acquired by a conservation group called the Trustees. While the organization name sounds more like a shady group out of a Jame’s Bond movie, the work they do through out Massachusetts speaks for itself. Conserving ocean and land, making it clean and enjoyable for people to hike, swim, skate, ski, and get back into the habitats of nature and away from the modernized world.


World’s End is truly a habitat to be reckoned, with rolling hills, rocky shores you can explore, and four and a half miles of carriage and foot paths to walk along, it is a peninsula of nature heaven tucked away in Hingham, Massachusetts and located just fourteen miles from Boston.

World’s End looked completely different in the sun’s rays, then it did in the early morning clouds. The ominous shadows had disappeared to reveal bright greenery with rolling grassy hills and cheerful trails. Instead of following the coast like I had for my run, we decided to go in land following the bridle paths that went up and over gradual hills.


We paused at a foot bridge so I could take pictures of my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and a tiny pair of pink converse. My rambunctious nephews were eager to explore, so I quickly snapped the pictures and we continued on our adventures.

By far my favorite part of our adventure walk was discovering a delapitated dock, that jutted out into the water. Hidden amongst broken trees, and grassy marsh it was absolutely stunning in the sheer rusticness. It was the perfect place to stop take pictures, eat a snack, and let the kids run around. It was a perfect example of the diverseness of nature that inhabits World’s End.


When I first moved to New York I remember being so grateful to seek peace and solitude in Central Park. It was a happy refuge. World’s End is another such refuge for city dwellers of Boston, with the added bonus of it being right on the ocean. I can not wait to go back to not just explore more, but to sit on top of the hill and gaze out at Boston whilst reading a book.


Or maybe just rolling down the hills with my niece when she is born in the fall.

That is right, the news my brother and sister-in-law were announcing was, I will have a niece to corrupt in the ways of the fashionista and wanderluster. I couldn’t be more happy for them!


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