Wrapping Presents

“Christmas is far and away my favorite holiday. I love everything about it, from the event that inspired it, hoping for a white one, to wrapping presents. But mostly I love having family and friends gathered, and sharing traditions.” ~ Ellen Hopkins

Designated Wrapper

You are gonna think I am cray-cray but bear with me, I LOVE wrapping. I am not sure whether I love wrapping or actually giving the present to the recipient more. There is something peaceful and almost meditative about wrapping presents.


I have been my families’ go to wrapper since I was just out of diapers it seems. Even when I was in New York, I would come back a few days before Christmas and wrap the majority of my Mom’s presents and of course ALL of my Dad’s. Thank the lord for internet shopping, because gone are the days where he would ask me to shop for him the week before Christmas and sometimes even ON Christmas Eve. By the time I arrived home, my room would look like a UPS store, and I would have ALL the presents to wrap.


I Heart Wrapping

I honestly don’t mind. It is one of my favorite holiday activities. CAN it be considered a holiday activity? If not, it should be! I love picking out pretty paper, almost as much as I love picking out a gift that someone will love. I prefer more classic patterns on kraft paper or elegant, but just a bit of shimmer with reds and greens as opposed to the more busy, colorful and caricature-esque gift wrap.


I love decorating packages and try to put as much love into the wrapping as I do into the gifting. Curling ribbon and artfully sticking bows on the presents and maybe half a dozen if it is for the littles in my life. I swear they prefer that and tissue paper to the actual gifts!


Meticulous Wrapping 

I will throw on a Hallmark Christmas Movie or maybe watch the Santa Clause for the hundredth time since November 1, (I am pretty sure it is getting up there, this year!) and settle down under the lit family Christmas tree surrounded by boxes, tissue paper, bows, ribbon, and all the gifts that need wrapping.


When it comes to wrapping, I am incredibly meticulous, making sure all the ends of paper are turned over for smooth edges, and the paper is taut against the package. I also make sure everything is cut to size, so there is as little waste as possible. I know people just rip them open, unless you are my grandmother who is even more meticulous opening a gift then I am wrapping one but it is the thought that counts.


I LOVE having presents under the tree. I don’t even care if they are for me or from me, I get so excited seeing all the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. More then music or movies, it is when the packages begin being placed beneath the tree that it officially feels like Christmas, and it feels like the icing on the Christmas Cookie.


Do you like wrapping presents? Are you a meticulous wrapper? 

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6 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents

  1. We are true spirit animals; I absolutely love wrapping gifts and try to incorporate a little bit about the person I’m wrapping for as I go! I love grabbing a coffee (or hot chocolate), turning on Hallmark and wrapping my heart out; it’s so cozy and festive!

  2. I used to hate wrapping gifts because I was terrible at them so I would just use gift bags! Then I suddenly got those mad wrapping skills and I love it! I also try to make as little waste as possible of the paper, and I’ve seen some really creative people who make wrap gifts in fabric like kitchen towels so that way it’s something reusable! I might actually try that next year instead if I remember in time and get towels haha!

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