Write, Write, Write Every Day

“Writing is really very easy. Tap a vein and bleed onto the page. Everything else is just technical.” ~ Derrick Jensen

I have been writing since I was out of diapers. Chicken scratch with stick people turning into scribbles, finally turning into something, albeit briefly, legible. Ideas, journaling, leading to essays and novels.

I write every day, even if it is just quick jots in my Notes app or focusing solid hours typing on Scrivener. Their are days when I don’t feel like it.

Gasps! How sacrilege, a writer doesn’t want to write.

But as a job it isn’t always fun and games.

It can be staring mindlessly at the computer, begging the words to come, frustrated it isn’t cohesive. That is when you have to work through it.

The best advice from published authors I have heard every day is, “Write. Keep writing. Write everyday.”

I had lived in New York only a few weeks when I attended the Young Adult Festival. Holding a Q and A at Books Of Wonder down near the Flatiron district, I remember asking Ellen Cook and David Leviathan what their best advice was for up and coming authors.

“Write,” They said. “Every day. Don’t stop writing.”

That advice has stayed with me the last few years. There are days I don’t feel like writing. There are days when I am so busy, that to sit at a computer seems impossible. Thank god for handheld devices in todays technology.

Even if it is fifteen minutes before bed, I will jot down notes on my phone or iPad or even a journal.

I know! How old fashioned.

I will use anything that lets my imagination and ideas flow. Anything, even if it is incoherent gibberish, I can use later, when I do have time to dedicate hours upon hours.

Sometimes I end up erasing everything. And other times I decipher it to make it legible.

The trick is to keep the creative muse alive and well.

What do you do to inspire the creativity?


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8 thoughts on “Write, Write, Write Every Day

  1. Yes, definitely you always have to have something to write on and write with! 😄 Carrying a little notepad in my back pocket has helped me tremendously. You never know when the idea for that new character, or the crucial line of dialogue might pop in your brain. And like you said, what you scribbled down in the middle of the freezer section of Walmart or as you were falling asleep may not make to much sense when you finally sit down to work on it but it definitely helps you fit the puzzle pieces together.

    1. Yes it does! I use to carry a note pad around until, I got a smart phone. Definitely makes it much easier to just type it out then looking for a pen…Usually because I have lost my pen! Lol.

    1. Tips to combat laziness hmmm, I think sleep and caffeine should do the trick! And maybe some binge watching of television…Oh wait that might be to combat procrastination! Lol. ;p <3

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