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Writing Feeds My Soul


“Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly—they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” ~ Aldous Huxley

A friend recently asked if I would keep blogging like it was an option on a questionnaire. I tactfully corrected her that I had been writing for years.

Since I was six years old, with my trusty diary with the rusty lock and secret drawer with a yellow backing and typical nineties decals which included lipstick, hair scrunchies, and flowers I have been writing. Back then it was the excitement of a six year old. Machinations of what went on in first grade and my beginning steps as a skater.

I was lucky if I maybe wrote ten words and that included the date.

But the seeds were planted.

Five years later, while I had a firm collection of old diaries as well as blank journals people bought me, my sister introduced me to the world of LiveJournal. I was able to connect with authors in a budding YA community as well as chronicle my more angsty prepubescent life online in posts.

Since then I have had numerous blogs…. and the amount of paper journals has amassed close to a hundred. To this day I still will write in a journal as much as I do on a blog or notes. My paper journal doesn’t have to be coherent. In doing so it is a place that is as confusing as it is clarifying for thoughts free of judgement or censorship.

The truth to all of this is I am not a blogger though some people might say I am. I am not a novelist. Nor am I an essayist. I am a writer. An all encumbering writer that touches on all forms. It is in my DNA. To NOT write would be like murdering my soul. It is my own form of torture not to put prose to paper whether real or electronic.

Yes it has evolved (thank god, I still cringe at the early days of rereading Live Journal…Which I still have by the way) and yes it is much more then what you see here, with having published essays on a range of issues on politics, russian relations, fashion, satire, how dos, death, EDs and anecdotes, heartbreaks, and relationships about my life.

Whether I post here in two years (though I did have my seven year anniversary in September though I have only been consistently posting for three) or on some other newfangled platform, or I work for a magazine, I will always be writing.

I can’t help it. And whether it is published, or just between friends who genuinely wish to read my work (Thank you! You know who you are and I deeply appreciate your suffering for me) or just something I pen for my own personal welfare. I will write.

Pen. Paper. Keyboard. Or iPhone. Words have the power to change. And influence. And create. And express. And do so many wondrous things no matter what your written medium is.

So yes, I will write. whether it is blogging, or through my novels or essays or poems. I will write. Because that is how I influence my square on the quilt. Whether it is on serious matters readers can relate too, or by giving escapism and advice and most importantly laughs. I write.

Do you?

As always thoughts and opinions welcome <3

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