Yoga Even when you are Dying I mean Sick

It amazes me how when you feel like garbage, yoga can and will invigorate you.

I have had a bad case of the sniffles the last two days, and to drag my body out of my studio has been pretty darn tough to say the least.

SO when my alarm clock rang this morning I shut it off, three times in a row. It wasn’t like my body was really that sore from yesterdays class and/or run. I just didn’t have the energy.

But starting teacher training in two days, I had to get my butt back into the shape it was before I came here.

Soooo I washed my face and threw some yoga clothes on. There was going to be no slacking for me today. And I made my way to the studio.

Apparently I was so engrossed in not slacking, that I ended up walking a few blocks extra past the studio.

No worries though. I made it, on time, and I was even able to grab some cold eucalyptus cloths before class began,

Being sick, things can and always do feel so much worse. Your body doesn’t want to work with you. You have no energy, and you repeatedly ask yourself why am I here? Instead of just focusing on being in the moment, and embracing it.

Because let’s face it, as much as I love yoga, some of the classes and repeated chatturangas and vinyasas can be pure torture even in the epitome of health.

Not to mention having a head cold and every time you are jumping up, you feel like you were at a frat party the night before.

And in cases like that usually you wish that you had been. At least the torture would be well worth it.

But never less, I made it through it probably even surprising my sickly self.
A big part that helped was the breathing. And you may ask yourself how on earth was she able to breathe with a nose that sounds like a foghorn?

Well my darling readers, as a yogi you learn there are all types of breathing techniques.

It isn’t all about panting until you feel like you are a) going to pass out or B) die or maybe a combination of both. Oh no, with each type of breath, it helps you flow through your movements and help delve deeper into the mind,

Which on some level, not a complete level unfortunately, I was able to do today, this helped get me through my practice.

Now, not all yoga is like this, I just prefer the kind where they crank the room to 100 plus degrees and you are wondering how the room isn’t floating away with all the sweat drenched yogis practicing.

It also, while when feeling like the many ill cared for landfills in the world, also makes you feel so incredibly better afterwards.

As much as I was crying for it to be over, just as, if not more so, when I walked out of that studio.

I was purified and detoxed. And feeling so much more energized then when I first woke up this AM. Which if anything can help do that to you, why not do it?

Yoga is so much more then athleticscim and spirtualness, it is the well roundedness of who you are as an individual.

And sometimes parts of ourselves need a little more TLC and sometimes our body is in perfect alignment that yoga is then able to push us past that comfort level.

I may not be a million dollars (but then who has a million dollars?)
But I now have that strength and perseverance that I need to get through the day.

Which for me is going to check out a Lulu running club, and maybe. Just maybe make some lasting friendships, another part of life that we need to be well balanced.

Namaste peeps <3

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