Yoga for a Cause

This afternoon I had the great privilege of moving and grooving on my mat for an hour for a great cause: The American Heart Association. It was taught by the amazing Tanya Bolton of Tanya-B fame. If you haven’t yet checked out her clothes they are amazing! She and her partner Anna Chung do amazing work bot just designing clothes, but also raising awareness for some amazing causes, case in point this yoga class.

I am all for exercising for an organization. I have done a lot of running races that benefit various non-profits. In many ways it holds you accountable, not just to give back, which is important, but to keep moving and healthy. When you have a reason to exercise, you are much more likely to do it, according to the experts.

Yet there is something about marrying yoga for a cause. It is like the golden jubilee of a marriage.

Yoga is about doing good. It is about cultivating a deeper intention of self to take out into the world and spread it. Each pose is about delving deeper. Each breath is a reflection of opening yourself up, especially when it gets difficult. Making yourself vulnerable, but moving through it. Accepting yourself.

It is the culmination of a relationship with yourself that spreads love into the world. That is why doing yoga for a cause is so incredible. Knowing the breath you are breathing is in sync with others, creates a whole other togetherness and knowingness that brings us together.

Flowing together, we were there for a reason, and it united all of us as one. It doesn’t get much better then that.



If you would like to donate and/or learn more about the American Heart Association click here.



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