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You Can’t Skip a Chapter


“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

New Year Resolutions 

We are almost half way through January…

Wait. Pause.

Not to sound like a broken record, but how the HECK has time flown by so darn quickly? 2019 SLOW down!

Okay now that I have said my piece because of COURSE Father Time is going to listen to lil ol’ me, now that we are ahem half way through January, this is pretty much when people fall off the resolution bandwagon.

Okay, Susan Kate, how cynical can I possibly be?

It might be cynical, but people think a new year and new beginnings, instantly translates into a new them. They put so much pressure on themselves, because of a date, setting resolutions that aren’t attainable because the expectations are to high and the steps to vague. Frustration sets in and the bandwagon everyone jumped on, they are now jumping off.

High and lows 

I am all for positive thinking, but I also don’t live by the motto that a new year means all the miseries of the prior year have been erased. It would be lovely if it did, but we can’t erase chapters out of our story. Life doesn’t work that way.

I am no stranger to tough years. Some years have sucked. Some years have made me wish I was a time traveller and could go back to erase and change life events.

But I am not.

And I can’t.

And the truth is would I really want to? Because amongst the suckiness, were also some pretty amazing moments. Moments that gave me hope and got me through to the next day and eventually to the next year.

Our struggles make us who we are. They are what makes us appreciate life and want to embrace it and live it to the fullest.

Life is like Chapters. Some chapters are more difficult and harder to get through then others. But you do get through them and you come out more knowledgable and mentally stronger then if you had skipped them all together. You can’t ignore a chapter, for if you do, you lose part of YOUR story and it will no longer make sense.

The Next Chapter

Failure is a part of life. That bandwagon we jump on is going to crash some times. Life isn’t blissfully perfect all the time. Failure doesn’t mean we automatically just give up. Instead those crashes give us the strength and wisdom to rise up and become stronger if we so choose to learn and grow from them.

That isn’t the beauty of the new year, but is the beauty in waking up every morning to a brand new day. A new day to achieve goals, and work a little bit more towards our desires. That is what success is.

WE are the ones who write it and are in control. Paragraphs that complete a chapter, and the compilation of chapters that complete a novel. No one, but you determines when it is successful and no one but you decides when you write the end.

How are the first couple weeks fo 2019 going for you? Do you make New Years Resolutions? How do you write your story? 



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