You Unimaginable Bastard

I almost forgot in the openness and healing on the church steps (yes mom, it was a Catholic church!) I forgot about the fabulousness that was Titanic in 3D!

It was superb and I hate 3D movies. Seriously.

I feel like it takes away form the movie, but this was amazing!

And it began with my friend and I sneaking in Starbucks at the total okay of the ticket checker.

I admit addicted to the end (though it is one addiction that I will happily have)

And then it entailed a convo from my mommy who is currently in North Carolina, and I think when I told her what I was doing she started reliving my “My Heart Will go on” concerts. I swear I am not joking when I said I was obsessed. Titanic and I go way back.

Though at least this time I get to see it legally.

I mean when it came out I was only seven, and even though my friends an I thought it was super cool because of our older siblings who were talking about it, we weren’t allowed to see it. I remember my dad going to see it alone because my two oldest siblings were away at school and my other two were to young, and my mom didn’t want to see a movie she would cry at.

So technically I had never seen it in movies.

I remember the first time I saw it was with Jacquie who conned our father into letting her watch it (our mom said no because of the painting scene) and of course she let me watch it. Even saying I could stay for the nude scene. (she was a cool big sis…most of the timeJ) of course so she wouldn’t get in trouble I stayed at the doorway during it peeking through my fingers (okay so I wasn’t that good of an eight ear old). And I admit I fell in love, with Leo, with Celine, Even with the iceburg.

And of course my sister did get caught in the end by our mom (something about teary eyes did it)

But it didn’t mean the end of my titanic obsession, thus having it come out even in 3D was incredible!

And I admit it was cool. Not so much with the Titanic and love story, but with the aide story of the crew and the search for it, seeing all of that equipment was pretty cool.

Also this might be slightly bad, or maybe It is just our black humor with everything my friend and I have gone through, but we found it highly amusing, seriously some of the lines, albeit corny but hysterical. Not to mention Titanic has some very profound moments and no I am not talking about “Never let go” But some more serious moments about life and lessons.

All in all it was a very profound day, and I do think I am going to have to go listen to My Heart Will Go On……I swear my neighbors must hate me…or think I am psycho. Lol

Namaste peeps!

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