You’re Easy to Dance With…

“You’re easy to dance with
There is no doubt in
The way we stand out in
The crowd
Though it’s called dancing
To me it’s romancing
Out loud
You’re easy to dance with
Loving you
The way I do” ~ Holiday Inn


My favorite Christmas movie, if not favorite movie in general is White Christmas. Their is nothing like seeing Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen and Danny Kaye crooning it out. The costumes. The music. The romance! Ahhh it makes my heart pitter patter. It makes me want to swoon. Some how I can not watch White Christmas without watching Holiday Inn. Apparently Turner Classic Movies agrees with me because they always show those two movies together. It is like PB and J. An instant classic that just shouldn’t be separated.

Which is why when my man friend graced me with tickets to this show, I squealed so loud, they probably heard me in outer space. I have been dying to see this show. I was even prepared to sell my kidney. Both if need be. Thankfully, I have a good egg who came to my rescue before it got dire and gave me not just a much needed surprise, but also keep me from having a NaNoWriMo break down…I know it is ONLY day four!


While I hyped it up in my overactive imagination, it was everything and more! The cast was insanely talented, giving Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby a run for their money. Corbin Bleu and Lora Lee Gayer shined in their respective rolls, making, I am sure their predecessors proud.

Holiday Inn is about an actor who has dreams of owning a farm with his fiancé. Of course the best of plans tend to go awry, first with his fiancé unwilling to quit showbiz, and then with the farm not being a sustainable one. There the movie and musical deviate from each other with how he comes up with the idea as well as Linda Mason’s backstory.

I admit, if it is between Holiday Inn and White Christmas, the latter wins hands down. Despite the fact that Holiday Inn not only set the premise for the movie White Christmas, but was where the song White Christmas originated. (Just a little fun fact to throw around at Holiday parties) While any movie with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby is going to be a classic, Holiday Inn does not have the most sympathetic or relatable character.

The musical changed that, endearing the cast to the audience, as well as making you want to cheer for all of them. Even Ted and Lila. It also invoked quite a bit of humor with the addition of Louise played by an outstanding Megan Lawerence.


The sets which were impressive in their simplicity included the orchestra front and center in what is typically boxed seating. It was fun to watch the band play and to see them relish the moment. In fact, you could tell that the whole cast had a chemistry that translated to the enjoyment and fun of what they do. Their was no divas in this group, and they all seemed like they would be fun to grab a beer with.

My favorite moment was when Lora Lee Gayer and Will Burton sang White Christmas. It has always been my favorite part of the movie and to see it in person was even better. It was all I could do to keep from squealing, and the goose bumps and warm and fuzzies were out in full force.


If you are in the city for the Holidays, I highly recommend going to see this instant classic before it closes January 16.

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