What DO I Wear!?!? Holiday Primping

“I don’t work with a stylist, I don’t work with a glam squad to get me together for the red carpet, I really enjoy the time it takes to do it myself, to choose my clothes and do my own makeup and my own hair.” ~ Dita Von Teese

It comes as a surprise to many, but despite being a fashionista, I am pretty low maintenance in my primping. My toes might always be painted, a must as a former skater girl AND now yoga instructor. The former creating a horror show even Alfred Hitchcock would be appalled at, and the later making sure they are always painted to hide the beating my boots did to my poor toes. I rarely go get an actual pedicure preferring to do it myself.

My make-up/shower regiment is super quick, literally I can be ready in a half hour, twenty if I really push it. Though to be fair it is on none hair washing days, which is another low maintenance issue. I only wash my hair twice a week.

I do no make-up days especially if I am going to be at the studio all day. Nothing is worse then make-up sweating off me and it is a great way to give my skin a break. I admit as someone who has dealt with cystic acne, it can be both embarrassing as well as empowering to go make-up free. It can also be a huge time saver.

All of this said, I do love getting glammed up and spoiling myself every so often and the holidays are the perfect time to do that with all the stress and chaos, it can feel like I am running around with my hair stuck straight up and my clothes covered in cookie dough. Taking time to relax, pamper and treat myself, especially when I know I have some Holiday parties in the forecast right next to the snow and polar vortex, is the perfect way to prepare and unwind.

Thursday I did just that. When I do get my nails done, which isn’t often, I usually stick to a traditional french. It lasts longer and goes with anything.


Well I took a trip on Santa’s sleigh and decided to get as crazy as the lights at Dyker Heights. I have never been more excited for glitzy nails. When I was younger I use to go crazy with colors and designs on my phalanges in my old age I have tempered it down to a more versatile french. Not only did I go for the Hello Santa red shimmery nails, I also got two designs that are so cute I am never washing my hands so it will stay on! (I kid…Besides my OCD would never allow me to NOT wash my hands)


With the Holiday season in full swing, it is the perfect time to splurge on make-up. After all, this is when I will wear it. Sephora has been having some crazy deals and going away samples like it was candy. I wanted to invest in a new foundation, since I was using up my old one and had become less then enamored. After talking to the make-up artists she steered me towards Make-up Forever water blend foundation which is eighty percent water based. I am in love! It feels much lighter then the Dr. Jarts tinted BB cream I was using and doesn’t leave an oil sheen on my face or a residue on my hands like Dr. Jarts either. Have you used Make-up Forever? This is the second product of theirs I have tried out (the first being their mascara) and so far it has been a home run for both!


Last but not least, I gave my blonde tresses a major overhaul (in part because I had beaten them up a month ago with box dye. DO. NOT. Do. IT. Seriously. That PSA is coming this week!). My hair stylist is a color genius and gave much needed TLC to my locks, as well as a much needed trim and shaping. I am in love with it! I feel like me!


Now I am ready to take on any and all Holiday shenanigans! Bring it Father Christmas!

How do you prep for the Holidays? Do you splurge at all on yourself to keep sane?

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