Friday Favorites: August 2019 Edition

“One trend I always go for is nautical: stripes, navy, rope knot belts, gold buckles.” ~ Poppy Delevingne

Still Embracing Summer 

I can not believe we are half way through August already! WHERE did summer go? Signs of fall are already springing up and it seems like Pumpkin Spice will be out in no time, but I am in no way ready to say good-bye to the warm weather, days at the beach, cold brew, and bikinis. In fact it feels like it JUST finally hit ninety degrees in the last couple weeks (come on my southern peeps, PLEASE share some of those hundred degree temps!) and I want to hold on for as long as I possibly can!


I get I might be an anomaly, but with winter months being that song that never ends on the East Coast, I want to savor summer and warm temps as much as I possibly can. I don’t care if stores are stocking fall clothing and the chillens are headed back to school, if they haven’t already started, (again looking at you my southern peeps) if it is ninety degrees out, it is still prime summer and beach weather! In fact, thanks to some family stuff going on, I honestly feel like I am just starting to have some sandy fun and FINALLY get that golden glow, using sunscreen of course!


For me, the dawg days of summer are not even remotely close to being here (or I am just solidly in denial, which is also true.) and can stay away! In fact even though (being totally transparent here) I have already started shooting and compiling Autumnal OOTD’s (as well as type A y’all), I have done it sweating my behind off at my favorite beach. Who doesn’t love beach photo shoots with fall and winter clothing?


While I am excited to share with you guys, you are going to have to wait and hold that animal print until September, maybe even October, because I am not ready to say adieu just yet. I have never been one to go with the crowd and the trend-setters might be transitioning to cheetah and snake-skin, I am still going to be rocking all the things that are nautical in fashion until the leaves start turning. If I am totally honest, I embrace it year round regardless of the weather.


I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite nautical items this month, some of them might even make the perfect Christmas present. Yes I am not completely in denial about the holidays being just around the corner. I also admit I took a few liberties, with things “Nautical,” but hey, bloggers prerogative.


Alaina Marie Cross Body

First up is this divine cross-body from Alaina Marie. I have been obsessed with this brand, since Alaina began her company in 2013. I have dedicated many a post to her colorful nautical inspired clutches, pouches, tote bags and NOW a cross body.


Located in Maine, I started fangirling when I saw she was coming out with a new bait bag design, creating a hybrid version of her signature clutch and giving it a hands free option perfect for all of us multi jugglers. This chic bag is made from marine grade mesh making it incredibly durable, as well as machine washable. A snap enclosure ensures that all your personal items will stay in, and a pocket will keep everything organized. It is big enough to hold all the essentials whether it is some moolah, lipgloss, a cellphone or your passport. The best part is that the strap is removable, instantly transforming it into a clutch, taking it from day to night.


One of the things I love about Alaina Marie bags, (of which there are many reasons!) is that you can truly make any bag your own. She offers a myriad of colors to mix and match to make it yours. This also includes the removable straps, which you can choose between a chain, or rope. In true Nautical and Kate form, I went with the navy blue and white. It not only matches basically my whole wardrobe, but will transition nicely from summer to fall.


Allison Cole Bracelets

Spoiler alert, I might know what I am buying people for Christmas this year! I discovered Allison Cole Jewelry in a boutique in Maine and knew I needed one (or all) of her bracelets. She has a wide selection of nautical inspired jewelry and it is safe to say I am officially obsessed!


My favorite design of hers, has to be her bracelets. Made of rope and gold or metal hardware, they come in a variety of styles and colors making certain that there is one for everyone. One of my favorites, in true mermaid style, is a blue rope with a gold anchor clasp. It is simple yet still so chic. Her bracelets are perfect for stacking, and light weight that your wrist never feels weighted down.


While I love her jewelry, it is the owner/designer Nicole Recomendes, who sold me. I love supporting small businesses, especially if they are run by women, as they are few and far between. A fellow New England native, (she actually lives in the same town my SIL was from) she is the absolute nicest, and truly cares about her business and her customers. She loves what she does and it shows. Not to mention her packaging is on point. You guys know how much I love great packaging! These bracelets aren’t just the perfect accessory to add to an OOTD, they will also make great gifts this holiday season!


White Nails

This might be one those liberties I talked abut taking, because this isn’t solely nautical, but it definitely gives me all of those summers on Nantucket vibes.


Originally at my last nail appointment, I was going to get a pale blue (to mach my toes), but when I saw my nail tech Katie’s (who also owns the salon and is AMAZING!) manicure I was instantly obsessed with the crisp chicness of the glittery white, which happens to be from OPI’s Hello Kitty line. Not only does this make the perfect neutral, but  the stark color screams summer, and since I am refusing to acknowledge its end, it is a match made in nail heaven. Alas, the only pictures I have with my nails are with my coffee.


Sea Bags

Sea Bags is another Maine made nautical company that. have been obsessed with for years and given them multiple shout outs to on this blog. Made from recycled sails, their totes aren’t just eco-friendly, but also incredibly durable thanks to the marine grade materials they use. They are also machine washable, which is important especially if you are taking to the beach or are going to be around kiddos.


They have a wide selection of designs as well as will customize upon your request. In true Kate fashion and an ode to the old Ankhoryou blog, (RIP) I actually owned one of their original small navy blue anchor totes and I LOVED it. As someone who carried her life around in New York, it was a dependable way to do so, as I never had to fear it would break.


In the market for another bag, I was actually gifted the largest tote they made, while it was shockingly a little to big to lug my life around it is PERFECT for beach days. I love the aqua hue of the anchor, and the inside has a cute colorful sea life motif. It has a gold claw clasp, but usually the bag is overflowing with beach things that I rarely use it. It has been my go to all summer and my number one beach bag recommendation.


Lizard Sunscreen 

While I might be a beach babe, I have talked (and posted a ton of unsponsored PSAs) a ton about protecting your skin from the sun. As much as I love the rays, the sun can do a TON of damage from the superficialness of wrinkles to the more hazardous and potentially deadly skin cancer. This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy the beach, because I am the first one to propose a beach day, I just make sure to bring my sunscreen with me.


As I have gotten older, I have tried to become more conscientious about not just protecting my skin, but also the environment. I had no idea how damaging sunscreen was to sea life and the coral reefs until I began to do research, which is why I made the decision to switch to more environmentally friendly sunscreen that would still pack a punch against the UVA’s, without hurting marine life. That is where Blue Lizard came in.


An Australian brand, their sunscreens are mineral based which creates a better barrier then most formulas on the market. They are incredibly transparent about their ingredients as well as major activists in promoting reef and sea life preservation. I love that the bottle turns blue if it has been exposed to harmful UV rays a way to remind you to apply and re-apply every hour. The only down side, is that as someone who loves the smell of sunscreen (yes I am one of THOSE people), the scent is subtle. I LOVE that this sunscreen is safe for the environment AND will still protect you.

Pink Lilly Bathing Suit 

I know I should not say this because it is not positive, but guys, I hate bathing suits. I hate bathing suits. I hate bathing suits. Legit, I might be a mermaid at heart, but bathings suits have always been my nemesis. I know it is something a lot of us fight with every summer. Well no more. I saw these high waisted, off the shoulder bikinis on Pink Lily’s website back in the spring and I hesitantly ordered them not having high (pun not intended) expectations.


Holy Neptune was I wrong! I have never loved nor have I felt more confident in a bathing suit then I do in this one. So much so, that I bought it in three other colors. The briefs, which is the part of my body, I have always been insecure about and struggled showing off, are high waisted and full coverage, plus they don’t slip so no subtle, but really its unsubtle, picking of wedgies. The cut outs on the side add a unique (though also kinda bad tan lines) detail, elevating them from drab to fab.


The off the shoulder top with the ruffle makes me feel so feminine. The top has ample support and the sleeves never move, staying in place even when swimming, which makes me happy. It is such a well made unique swimsuit that instantly makes me feel confident when I wear it, which is a major win. I love that I can mix and match the colors, and even swap an old bathing suit top with the briefs, which has become my go to. Because it is end of the season this bikini is on sale. I highly, highly recommend it.



Lastly, this would be the liberty I was talking about. This isn’t so much nautical as it is a summer staple, but in true coffeeholic form I couldn’t resist adding this to the list. I LOVE me some cold brew and unfortunately being super sensitive to temperature, I can only drink it when it is hot out (queue ninety degree temps) if I don’t want to be shivering like frosty. While I love Starbucks, I have become obsessed with my local coffee shop’s coldbrew and adding maple and almond milk to it has made it so absolutely dreamy, that I do not want to say good-bye to it. And I won’t until I absolutely must.


What are your Friday Favorites? What are some Nautical things you have been loving? Are you sad to see summer end or are you happy for fall? 

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: August 2019 Edition

  1. You sure you’re not a mermaid? 😉
    I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer either, me mainly because the weather here hasnt been sunny as much as last year, lots of cloudy days, some rain and storms. It hasnt felt like summer at all.
    That cross body bag is GORGEOUS!! And so are those bracelets!!
    I have that sunscreen! Blue Lizard is so gooddd!!
    And that swin suit looks so cute on you!
    These are all great faves!

  2. I could hardly focus on the words here because the pictures were sooo stinkin’ pretty!!!! I am OBSESSSSING over that pink lilly bathing suit. The suit is adorable, but the way you are wearing it with that hat and cold brew… uhm hello, Model! White nails are awesome! I just saw someone today with them and I loved them. I am going to have to invest in some polish soon. Thanks for sharing alll these awesome finds, Katie! xo

  3. Love that crossbody bag & I just took off my white nail polish! It really is such the perfect color for summer. 🙂 The bikini is super cute, I love the top so much!!

    Thanks for sharing, babe. ♡ The cold brews are making my mouth water now lol.

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