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“A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures, the sea glass, the seaweed, the incongruous objects washed up by the ocean.” ~ Henry Grunwald

Instagram is a great way to find designers, fashionistas, and one of a kind creations. In the last few years, I have made friends and found products that I absolutely adore, many because of a mutual love of the water and especially fellow sea glass hunters or huntresses.

My discovery of Juniper Avery Sea Glass started in a similar way as most. I discovered her when she was in the midst of the Beach Photo Challenge. A challenge which she founded on Instagram where for any given month she will set prompts with beach themes, many geared around sea glass. Instagrammers will post pictures. I loved the challenge and joined despite it being halfway through the month of April.

It wasn’t just the challenge though. She is an artist using a beach medium to create simplistic yet stunning works of art in shadow boxes. For months I salivated, unable to justify the need to buy a piece, but lusting for one anyway. And then she came out with sail sea pottery. Well being a junkie, I knew I needed to have it. And then my friend got married.

Deciding on a quick engagement with only thirty people in attendance  and moving shortly afterwards, my friend declared she didn’t want anything. Well I knew I couldn’t not NOT get her anything and thus I knew this would be the perfect gift.

Traveling much of the summer, I waited patiently to order, for I needed to be home wanting to leave nothing to chance. Of course it caused me to slack in the gifting department.

The cool thing about Juniper Avery is that her designs change constantly she is always experimenting between seaglass, driftwood, pebbles, and other naturalistic mediums. She is also always willing to customize a piece or even create one from scratch.

For my friend I had settled on two birds made of sea glass atop drift wood. I had emailed her asking if she would be willing to put a heart above the birds which of course she was most agreeable too. I had thought I knew what kind of heart I wanted (sea glass) until she made several suggestions and showed me demos of different hearts. I was sold. I ended up doing a pebble heart above the two love birds.


Simplistic yet perfect. And most of all beachy. Because she ships from Canada it can take up to two weeks to receive her designs. It took almost that, which wasn’t bad considering we had weekends and a long holiday weekend. She shipped promptly, literally the day I emailed, which I loved. She was as sweet to talk too through her shop as she is through Instagram.


Her packaging was another star for her. It was absolutely adorable. I couldn’t wait to open the boxes and see her work. Pictures do not do it justice!

With great customer service, darling packaging, easy to work with, and beautiful designs she is absolutely the perfect gift to give for those occasions that need some sea life to memorialize them.

And as for the sea pottery sailboats. Yes I did buy it! And I am so happy I did!


To check out her work visit her Instagram

To buy her designs visit her shop on Etsy

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