Oh The Dirty Roots!

No, I am not talking about the band that plays on the Tonight Show. I wish! They are much more fun, and pleasant to the ear and eye sight then these horrid roots.


I am talking about the hair follicles on my head. Those pesky little buggers that choose to grow in as an ashy blonde, and dare I even say, some gray tinge to them. Oh the horror that these hairs will not only grow a beautiful blonde, but grow so quickly, I am starting to believe that someone has snuck in some Just For Men into my food.

I am a blonde soul. I admit it. I proudly own all my blonde moments, for which there are many. When God was picking out hair colors for us, he picked the wrong one for me, for which he is probably having a comedy show at my expense.

Thank God -oh the irony of a pun- for my awesome amazing hair colorist and the creation of dye. I quickly cover those pesky hairs as swiftly as can be. Without my hair falling out of course. I think that is the only thing more horrid then my natural hair color…damaged, broken hair.

Thankfully, I have been going to my hair dresser for years, and with the exception of a few dabbles to the gothic side, as well as my attempts at DIY, she keeps my golden locks healthy and blonde to perfection.

With two weddings this weekend, it is imperative I say good-bye to hair that tries to call itself blonde – perhaps if you look at it through smokey haze filled eyes – and hello again, dear sunny hair to my inner Marilyn.


There is nothing sweeter then a beautiful dye job. And while I am at it, a fantastic hair cut as well! My hair stylist Andrea (whom I have been going to since I was a little thing) is a color genius and made me right as rain and even added a nice bounce to my step with curls!


I truly feel like a new woman and am ready to rock my blondisms! Watch out world!


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2 thoughts on “Oh The Dirty Roots!

  1. Omg 😂 !!The bit about the comedy show cracked me up! I could relate to that with so many things in my life when I just look up at the heavens and ask why oh why 🙄 Was I chosen to be the one providing all the comic relief with my messed up plans 😖. Love your hair btw you look so sweet 💕!

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