Spring is in the Air

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

I have not done a “Hi! What is going on on in my life?” post in awhile. With the three day weekend, which is always a cause for celebration, it is the perfect time for one! The added bonus of unseasonably warm weather AND my best friend visiting, was a recipe for a perfect weekend!


I have been firmly been entrenched in classes mixed with some winter blahs. I honestly can not complain to much. The weather could be a lot worse (polar vortex anyone?) I just sincerely hate the cold and gloomy days. While I did enjoy the blizzard we had, I am counting the days until spring or better yet summer!

Bring it warm weather!

And warm weather did Mother Nature bring this past weekend.

I was more then ready for my Gemini Twin to visit. She arrived at Penn Friday morning for an epic girls weekend. (It was epic…)


We decided to grab lunch at Le Pain Quotidian where we both had warm goat cheese salads (mine on GF bread) sipping our lattes and catching up.


We then made our way to the Met which is a ritual for us. Walking through the exhibits and of course stopping at the Temple of Dendur which is my favorite room in the Met.


One of the reasons she came this weekend was because we HAD to see Fifty Shades Darker. It has become a tradition of sorts. We saw the first movie two years ago and had to see this one together!


As with the first one, definite mixed reviews. I have read all the books and they were cringe worthy, not because of the subject matter (I have friends who write in this genre and are incredible!) but because of the writing. The movies on the other hand, I find comedic, even though they aren’t suppose to be.

All through the movie, from dialogue, to looks, to club music being played when it was suppose to be a sultry, all my friend and I had to do was look at each other and start laughing or roll our eyes. True friendship right there!

Saturday we went to my favorite breakfast spot, a French cafe called Maison Kayser, which I have mentioned a time or fifteen hundred. After that we stopped for another dose of caffeine at Cafe Jax, before we ventured off to Brooklyn Heights.


What! I went to Brooklyn?! Yup I did and it requires its own blog post (unless you want a book!) Needless to say it was incredible! The weather was gorgeous. We spent the day by the water, I even found some seaglass and sea pottery! My first from Brooklyn!


It truly was such a perfectly spring day. Others agreed because it was crowded!

We walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset which was indescribable, before making our way to another restaurant favorite Pazza Notte.


We ate and drank while having endless conversation. Seriously my Gemini twin never run out of things to say! Ever!

We called it an early night because we had big plans the next day which included Bryant Park and the Library.

Alas things did not go according to plan. Saturday night I got violently ill, to the point I woke my friend up. I finally fell asleep around three and my Gemini twin who was such a good sport let me sleep in the next morning.

Sunday I tried. I really did try to rally. Moving at a sloth’s pace, I slapped on enough make-up to fake it until I make it and we went back to Maison Kayser where I had yogurt and ice. And watched my friend devour french toast which is her favorite thing to order there.


Alas I was feeling shitty again and we went back to my apartment where I passed out for two hours and she watched the Devil Wears Prada.

She wasn’t feeling well either (uh oh) so we hung out before grabbing a quick linner at Le Pain and I took her back to the train station.

At this point we were both hurting pretty badly.


Of course this city is insanely small and as luck would have it my Dad’s cousins who were visiting the city ended up in the SAME car as us. We did a three stop catch up until they got off and I let out a breath of exhaustion at the energy it took to muster even just pleasantries.

My friend was the real trooper I don’t know how she traveled the two hours back upstate, but she did and she made it.

Through this whole ordeal I had visions of Bridesmaids… You know the scene I am talking about with them in the salon? Yeah I was sure that was going to be us…Yes my mind tends to go crazy when I am sick.

She is someone I have been through EVERYTHING with. I first met her in the worst moments of my life, and while I had thought we had weathered a lot, We had never ended up sick together. NOW I can say we have!

Monday, I cried Uncle and stayed in bed. I didn’t want too. It hurt my heart to see the beautiful weather and be stuck in bed. But at least I had the gorgeous sunny pictures from Brooklyn to keep me company in my sick bed. Plus my man brought me food and a toothbrush (mine I was sure tasted like vomit…But I may have been a tad dramatic).


Alas I am slowly getting better. It bummed me out that the weekend had to end that way. I am also now freaking out, because I do NOT have time to get sick. I am headed to Cali in two week! Ekkkk!

And while yes the puking bug intercepted my weekend plans, It couldn’t put a damper on the fact that I had a guest post on lifewithlilred! Eeeeekkkk! So excited and thankful to her! If you haven’t seen it, here it is. 


I hope you all had an amazing (much healthier!) weekend! Let me know how you spent your weekend. <3

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8 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Oh man I can only imagine the gemini duo! That sounds like trouble right there 😉 When you said, you guys never run out of anything to say….aint that the truth lol I feel like I’m always trying to catch up with my best friend who’s a gemini she can talk my ear off but I love it because it’s never a dull moment! And girl for being sick, you still look so gorg!!!! How do you do it? Whats your secret?!?! LOL I can’t help but to giggle when you said “Of course this city is insanely small” because what!!! NYC isn’t small?! Thats gotta be a true new yorker statement when you say NYC is small…. Boston must be minuscule to none existent then… I feel like the next time I come out to NY, I need you as my personal tour guide and wine drinking girl. Hope you’re feeling better!

    xo, JJ

    1. Haha we ARE T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Hehe. yay for Geminis and best friends 🙂
      It really is true! When you are with that person who just gets you it is always a mile a minute!
      Awe thank you. You are so sweet. My secret is Fake it till I make it and LOTS of make-up. Lol.
      LMAO. But it really is! I swear! lol.
      And yes! I will be your tour guide anytime! Especially if it includes wine! <3

  2. AHHH Girl’s weekend! WOOOHOO! So fun. Every time you mention Le Pain Quotidian it makes me drool. I still have yet to visit one, but it’s on the list! Everything in this post that you girls did seems like a “girls weekend out” perfection! And seaglass is the bomb. That’s so cool that you found some! Any idea of what you will do with it? The sickness has been hitting this nation hard. I’m sick for the fifth time in like three months. This is one of the worst too, I was in the ER last night sobbing because my ear hurt so bad. The pain is better I just can’t hear now, haha. BUT on the bright side I had to cancel all my plans today and this gives me a chance to stay home and catch up on blogs. FINALLY!!!! Wooohoo! I hope you have turned the corner 100% by now! ALSO TWO WEEKS UNTIL CALI!!!! SO SOON! I don’t want to put ANY pressure on you, but I’d love to see you even if it’s only for a couple minutes or for a quick cup of coffee! We can totally play it by ear because I’m sure you will be busy! BIG HUGS!

    1. They are! I love having my bestie visit! Oh my gosh you have to go! Is there one in San Francisco?
      It really was until the puking bug hit! lol.
      It really is! I collect it. I have huge jars of it in my apartment. Hoping to go hunting when I am in Cali! I have thought about doing something “artsy,” maybe eventually 🙂
      Oh no! You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon! Awe sweets sending you major healing vibes and prayers!
      Thanks sweets. I wish. Still sick. As my friend (who also got it) joked if we weren’t both sick I would think I was pregnant. lol.
      Yes! And oh my gosh I would love love LOVE to see you! We have to do PEETs coffee! 😀 I will PM you. I hope you feel better soon sweets and have an amazing weekend! xoxo <3

      1. I actually do not know if there is one!!!! I’ll do research 😉 I feel like they would ?! And thankkk you, thank you!! Oh my goodness, my friends ALL say the same thing to me- “Are you pregnant?” hahah. I’m like oh gosh, I hope not! (At least not right now!). I was so excited to see your message today- EEEEK!!!!!!! I can’t believe this is a real possibility :)!!!!!!! Are you feeling better now?!? Rest up before the big travels!! SF is eagerly awaiting you!

        1. A Peets coffee? I know there is one in the Ferry Terminal I went too….Buttt it was years ago so I hope they are still there! They better be!
          I feel like I might start joking and saying it is twins😂 Awe yay! I am so excited too! This is making my San Fran trip! Slowly but surely. The doctor said it is just taking awhile….yucky! Thanks sweets yes it is! It is going to be epic! 😍🙌🏻

          1. OH OH OH! I thought you meant a Le Pain!!! Oh girl, there are Peet’s coffees left and right- no worries about that 😉 SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT! I hope by that point you are 110%!!! And I hope our weather cooperates for you- it’s been nuts lately! Have a great rest of your week and I will see you NEXT WEEK! Also I love that we are talking through like three different modes of communication right now lol!

            1. Hehe no worries 🙂 And yasss!! I can not wait! Craving some Peets! I can not wait either! I am sooo excited! Thanks sweets. Slowly but surely! I think for the most part it is suppose to be nice! I may or may not be stalking the weather app hourly. Lol. Thanks sweets. I hope you have an amazing weekend/week! And seek Thursday!
              Bwahaha I do that all the time with my friends! It always cracks me up. I was getting my hair done when we were doing that! it seriously made my day hearing from you! <3

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