Summer’s Swan Song

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” ~ Henry Rollins

Summer’s Swan Song

I wasn’t going to post until September 22, but it has been a tradition in years past to post on Labor Day about my summer and what usually begins a newish year as the season changes. Albite this post is a week late, but I still felt like I should post now, even though we only have a week left of summer. (I WILL not cry!) 


In years past, it would be my swan song to summer. I would have said good-bye to New Hampshire. I would have started a new semester. I would be preparing for New York Fashion Week and Fall theatre events. Heck, I would even be feeling the first giddy flutter of Christmas anticipation.


In some ways, I feel like last year prepared me at least a little bit for this year. Last year, I had just left New York. I was in New Hampshire, which ended up extended due to my family going through some tumultuous life events. Plans were and still are on hold. 


This Summer

I think last year was such a whirlwind that this summer I officially felt everything that occurred. We are still trying to adjust and finagle new familial normals that adding a pandemic in, it not only was a strange summer, but it didn’t really feel like summer. In fact it feels like it past us by. To start with the obvious, most things didn’t open until July, and even when they did, it was hybrid versions. As I wrote before, most summer traditions did not happen.


In many ways summer did begin early, as kids began distance learning, and adults had to work from home starting in March. Work days seemed shorter, either form productivity, or keeping kids entertained as they ALSO finished school in a matter of hours instead of a seven hour school day. 


While the weather was still cool, (no matter how much I tried to catch those rays and willed it to seventy degrees) we spent days outside, hiking, kicking soccers balls, and playing tag. Despite being bundled up, I would bring my laptop out and do work outside as the kids played.


Honestly, it didn’t feel like a hot summer. It didn’t truly warm-up until July, (coincidentally when beaches began to reopen) and even then, there were days, you would find me bundled up under blankets at the beach. While we had the kiddie pool, I would just do quick dips (on the dare of my nephews) and then chatteringly reach for my towel. I also only went into the water a handful of times at the ocean, as both the water and the air were to cold for me. 


Different Doesn’t Mean Bad 

While this summer was different, it wasn’t by any means a bad one. Different doesn’t mean bad. It just takes some getting use to. Some adapting to. It is good to be shaken out of our status quo. To shake-up routine, so we don’t get complacent. And this summer, this whole year really, has definitely done that.


It might have been a different type of summer, and while I miss the nostalgia of years past, the time with family and friends. I am also going to miss this one. The simplicity of the beach days, the introspection of just being content with my own company, and connecting, along with my nephews and niece, back with nature.  


Here comes Autumn 

Summer came and went so quickly it feels like a lonesome song you hear played on a country station. It is windy and the leaves have changed and to hope that we might still have some eighty degree days left is definitely wishful thinking, despite having a week left of summer. 


It seems like everyone, but me, is ready for Autumn. I admit, in part, I am dreading the cold. But usually what we dread isn’t so bad, and if we hold on to long to what once was, we end up missing out on the present. We miss what CAN BE. We miss creation and growth. We miss the beauty not in what once was, but what will be. The same can be said for rushing things. 


If we have learned nothing else during these last months, it is that we need to slow down and be present. To reconnect with ourselves and be okay with just being. I will definitely be soaking up the last week (ahhh!)) of summer, but I am also transitioning to fall and embracing the changing of a new season, albite perhaps a tad slower then others….Hey, even mermaids like to be Basic…or in my case, Extra….<3  


How was your summer? Did it go by way to quickly for you? What was your favorite thing you did?


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2 thoughts on “Summer’s Swan Song

  1. Girl, I am loving your photos from this shoot!! But I have to say, you’re so right sometimes getting shaken out of status quo is so necessary, we just have to learn to roll with the times. But I’m with you, I’m a summer girl 100% *summer babies* so I’m totally going to miss it 🙁 It started feeling like fall exactly on Sept 1st so now I feel like I’ve officially mad the transition too at this point. But I’ll admit, I love the autumn apparel 😉 <3

  2. i just love this post so much 😀 that swim suit is too cute as well as the cover/cardigan 🙂
    the beach is truly YOUR go to place 🙂
    summer whizzed by for me sadly, i didn’t feel like i got to enjoy it as much, lots of fires and cloudy days 🙁

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