Wanderlusting: La Jolla

“Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.” Sylvia Earle

Thursday Morning

Despite a delicious meal or because of it I decided to hit the gym before we headed to our days destination: La Jolla. The gym was well equipped with a wide variety of up to date exercise equipment which actually made it fun to work out.


I had the gym to myself and I decided to use the elliptical for forty minutes before doing some weights and yoga. It was the perfect way to start the day.


Afterwards I got ready and Sarah and I made our way to La Jolla. It was still foggy out, but it promised to be a gorgeous day.


La Jolla 

La Jolla wasn’t at all what I expected, yet it was everything. About a twenty minute Uber ride, we got dropped off in front of a coffee shop. Both Sarah and I were still in a food coma from our delicious meals the day before that we settled on just some coffees and lord were they delicious and refreshing as the sun had finally come out.


We began to explore, our first stop being a smaller beach. It was high tide, and it was crowded so we didn’t stay long. Though I was in awe of the caves that had been eroded by the saltwater.


It was so different from my beloved Maine coastline, but just as magnificent. I was in awe of the dusty cliffs and how they at once with stood the waves, but still created these massive caves.


Seven Caves

The seven caves are a set of caves on the North shore of La Jolla Cove where you can dive, kayak, and paddle board in.


One, the Sunny Jim cave, is actually accessible by stairs, and has been open to the public since 1903, when people had to use rope to descend down into the tavern.


It is the scene of much folklore from bootlegging to piracy and it was at once eery and extremely cool as we walked down the steep steps seeing kayaks and divers milling about in the ocean.


Afterwards we went to a look out on the cliffs that showed the beautiful view of the Seven caves from above.


The Seals

We wandered back towards Scripps Park, a sculpted well kept area that had incredible views of the ocean and beach, including the seals.


Seals abound all over La Jolla’s coast, but in one particular area, they were quite plentiful, staking their claim on the beach. They were full of lazy personality as they sunned themselves, surfed in the waves, and even got into some brawls between the alpha and wannabe alpha.


Sarah and I stopped to watch them and ended up staying for over an hour absolutely enamored with these fluttering creatures. I didn’t think I would be as entertained as I was, but watching the King Bee, a rather plump seal, get into it at times rather lazily, and a few times more aggressive with several of the other seals was highly entertaining.


I had never seen seal pups in person and their were quite a few rambunctious little tykes who seemed to be aggravating their mothers.


I probably could have watched them all day, but with the sun beating down it was time to hit the water.


The Children’s pool

We ended up on the Childrens pool. A small beachy area with a break wall to protect children against waves making for a calming swim.


It is an area of controversy as seals tend to migrate there. Aside from one lone seal on a rock in the middle of the water, their were no seals. Sarah and I set up camp getting some sun and a little R&R along with other beach goers.



With our stomachs grumbling, Sarah and I grudgingly pulled ourselves up from our comfy beach perch, and made our way to one of the many adorable restaurants dotting the downtown.


Once again the food did not disappoint.


Nor did the drinks.


Afterwards we decided to peruse the shops downtown where I FINALLY bought some new sunnies. The pair I had seen at Westfield Horton Plaza.


After exploring different shops we grabbed some gelato because what is a beach trip without yummy ice cream? Afterwards we explored some more.


La Jolla was quaint with a very modern feel, and as we walked through alleyways and independently owned shops mixed with bigger companies, I got the most amazing surprise.


As I looked across the street after taking my gazillionth picture, I saw a Peet’s.


My heart be still, I freaked out and Sarah did not know whether to hospitalize me or laugh. Well of course we HAD to go there.


Peet’s did not disappointment. It was so good to taste the havanna cappuccino goodness! I happily drank it all, wishing I was double fisting. No shame in my Pete’s game.



A restaurant that came highly recommended and was located just around the corner from where we were staying, was a modern American seafood restaurant called Searsuckers.


Again the food was a home run. I ordered the rib eye and Sarah got the calamari and caesar salad. I loved the ambience. It had a very modern flare, while still being chic. After satisfying our bellies we went to bed early since we had one of my favorite days ahead!


Have you been to La Jolla? What is your favorite beach town?

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19 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: La Jolla

  1. La Jolla should hire you as their director of tourism, Kate. 🙂 What a FANTASTIC post … I felt like I was right there with you! And once again I was in awe of how much you saw and did in just a few days. Wonderful photos, too. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! xo

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LA JOLLA. That may have been our favorite part of all of SD. These pictures per usual are so gorgeous and crisp. That martini looks delicious & yay for Peet’s!! (PS. aren’t morning workouts on vacation the best before a fun day?!).

    1. La Jolla is amazing! It was Sarah’s favorite part too! Thanks beauty! It was so yummy! And right? I legit freaked out over Peet’s! Poor Sarah! They really are! It jump starts the whole day! <3

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