Wanderlusting: Timber

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber
You better move, you better dance
Let’s make a night, you won’t remember ~ Pitfall featuring Ke$ha

Kicking of my Birthday Month 

Last weekend I hopped on a plane to feed my blonde jet setting soul, kick off my birthday month, AND have an epic mer-venture with my best friend, my one an only Mer-twin!


Since I have known my mer-twin, we always do something super nautically fun around my birthday every year. Being mermaids at heart and being born in June, it makes it pretty easy for some oceanic adventures. This year instead of celebrating in Southern Maine, I flew to Bar Harbor where she lives.

Guys it was so much fun, I didn’t want to come back! I can not even put into words how much I love this girl and am so lucky to have her in my life! Seriously just writing these recaps is giving me all the feels again. I absolutely adore her!



Because I might be slightly insane I went for an early morning run before I headed to the airport for my flight. With the warmer weather, I could not wait to head North to the beautiful coast of Maine. It really does seem like another world with all its rocky shore beauty.


I usually fly JetBlue, but flying into the small airport of Bangor, I flew Delta where I had heard they had a Peet’s. Alas I didn’t have time to search for it, so it will have to wait until i visit her next time!


My mer-twin surprised me at the airport (I thought she was still at work!) and had made me this super stinking cute sign that was so sweet. Seriously she knows me better then I know myself! I love her!


She then took me to this gorgeous restaurant in Bangor that is a new fav! If you are ever in Bangor you NEED to go here! The decor, the food, the ambience, everything was perfect!



When she told me the name of the restaurant, I couldn’t help, but sing Ke$ha and Pitbull’s song Timber.


What can I say? Music runs my life!


Ode to Ke$ha out of the way, and after a photo op on their outside patio complete with a stone fire place we made it our way inside where it fit its name and NOT Ke$ha’s song.


The restaurant is huge, with a large bar and dining area. Shaped like an L, we sat in the corner, near another gorgeous fire place this one made out of iron and glass. With a variety of seating, every table was set up in a different rustic way. Tiffany and I joked we wanted to try every seating area!



Their drink menu was broad without being overwhelming and offered a variety of adult beverages from beers, to wine, to various mixed drinks, an even included mocktails.


It was their specialty mixed handcrafted cocktails that drew my eye. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to order because EVERYTHING looked good.


Perhaps it is a Maine attribute, but much like Top of the East in Portland, Timber’s offerings were dependent on seasonal ingredients local to Maine.


Since I was in Maine, I ordered a blueberry martini that was seasoned with tarragon. It was a party in the mouth for sure. I could have had ten of them. It was THAT yummy!



Like their drinks, the food is locally sourced. They also take care to observe food allergies and even offer gluten free options including flatbreads. Their menu while offering a range of dishes, isn’t so broad you are overwhelmed. Their specialty is flatbreads which is what we ordered.


We started off with a butternut squash soup which was AH-MAY-ZING!


Then shared a Barbecue chicken, arugula, and cheddar flatbread.

Oh. My. Lanta! It was everything and more!

I am a blogger slacker because somehow I did NOT get pictures of the flatbread which means I just have to go back!


I have been to restaurants all over the world, and I can honestly say, that Timber is one of my favorites. Located in an obscure location it really is a hidden gem. The decor bridges that gap of rustic and chic well creating a truly one of a kind experience. It is perfect for a romantic dinner, or to grab spur of the moment grub. The prices are reasonable and the food is out of this world delicious. The waitstaff were also excellent being attentive without being intrusive.


I would have been happy going back every night (though the scale wouldn’t!) It was that good! It really was the perfect way to kick-off what was such an amazing weekend!



Rolling ourselves out of the restaurant, we headed to her house.

It was so stinking cute! She totally wins hostess of the year award!

Her hostess game was on fleek as the kiddos say. She had a guest room, decorated in a nautical theme and a huge living room that was begging for a dance party…Or just a rousing game of Pictionary.


After getting settled, the gloves were off as we got down and dirty playing Pictionary with her boyfriend and his brother.

Disclaimer: I can not draw worth shit. Someone could offer me a million dollars and I would still choke epically when it comes to drawing.

It was highly entertaining. Especially when Tiffany’s man drew the ultimate Pictionary card. While we didn’t guess correctly. Afterwards we were in stitches laughing as he explained it to us.

He had to draw a wrecking ball.


And drew Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

We decided to end the note on that high note.


As this sign,  which sat in the ladies bathroom at Timber, aptly stated…Adventure awaited us!

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8 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Timber

  1. Awee I think it’s the sweetest that your friend surprised you at the airport especially with that sign! I mean I only know you via blogging but that is TOTALLY you in a nutshell lol love it!!! I’m also loving that dress you’re wearing, please tell me it will make it into a “What Do I Wear” post because I need the DL on it AKA where is it from lol I wanna guess Anthropologie but it looks like a Lulu’s dress! Either way super cute! Loved the outside patio at Timber, such a cute little spot for lunch! And jeeze she nailed it with the wrecking ball picture, I love how she even put a little stick figure that I’m assuming should’ve been “Miley Cyrus” haha

    xo, JJ

  2. YES YES YES . I’m so excited for this post. BIRTHDAY FESTIVITIES! That birthday sign is adorable, I love your mer-twin already 😉 UGH, you always find the cutest places to eat!! Their bread looks tooooo gooooood. You know me and my bread. And that soup is making my mouth hardcore water. *GASP* No picture of the flatbread?! Well then, heck yeah, I think it’s a doggone good excuse to go back 😉 HAhahhahhaha the Pictionary game— I am with you on the drawing front. I think you are either blessed with writing or drawing—I think we know which category we fall into, right?!?! Or maybe I just tell myself that to feel better about my stick figures?! But I do have to say- Nice wrecking ball! Hahah. That sign describes you perfectly at the end there too!

    1. I am sorely lacking with these updates, but yass it was such a fun trip! Awe she would love you! You two are both the absolute sweetest! I am obsessed with Timber! (Just so I can sing the song off key bwahahaha) The soup was ah-may-zing! Everything about this place was Michelin status! I KNOW! #bloggerfail! LOL. Right it totally is? AND if I happen to eat more food all the better! :))
      Oh girl I definitely know what category we fall into! also #drawingfail! LOL. Really though writing IS better! And you are an amazing writer! If we happen to draw stick figures and circle snowmen it is all good! 😉 It was SUCH an entertaining game. I have never laughed so hard despite knowing my dreams of working at Pixar are zilch! LOL.
      I loved that sign! It was in Timber’s bathroom and fit the weekend perfectly! <3

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