What DO I Wear?!?! Transitioning to Spring

“I love the idea of embracing your curves and loving yourself while expressing it through fashion.” ~ Hayley Hasselhoff

Transitioning Seasons

While the weather may have reached a Winter impasse, my mind is solely focused on Spring. With that comes switching my wardrobe out to items with brighter colors, lighter materials, and maybe the occasional floral piece here and there. With the temperatures jumping at times with fifty degree temperature differences, it can be difficult figuring out what the heck to wear. While I crave those crop-tops it isn’t practical with Mother nature’s bi-polar temperament.


My go to this time of year has always been dresses and tunics. They are easy to layer and with a dress you can wear either boots, or more of an open toed shoe.


Be ready to be shocked because I found this next piece at The Loft. I am not usually a Loft shopper, but every so often they have super cute clothes and you can not beat the amazing deals. I am all about looking chic on a budget.


Aside from army green and black, I adore navy. If you are blonde, navy is your color. I admit the day I found this dress, I was not feeling like trying on clothes, but my friend convinced me.

The Dress 

This dress is the epitome of femininity. It is made out of delicate silk, with pearled button sleeves at the wrist and back. It has a fitted bodice with a mock neck, and a flowy A-line skirt, that it is tailored without being constricting.

// Dress: Ann Taylor Loft// Leggings: Lululemon// Boots: American Rag// Necklace: SeaMilligan Designs// Cuff: Lighthouse Studio Designs//

The yellow and white flowery pattern sold me and reminded me of fresh blooms during the Spring. It also adds that pop of color on dreary days. This is a dress that works for the office, a coffee date, or even a night out.



While I am not one for being match-matchy, this dress brings that out of me. While I have yet to find navy boots, (the holy grail for me right now) my grey knee highs work well with this. Instead of the traditional black leggings, of which I have a slight (just slight) obsession with, I actually paired navy blue ones, that give almost a tight-like appearance.


I typically keep my accessories simple when I wear patterns, preferring to let that do the talking then adding something bold. And while less is more, my cobalt blue seaglass necklace matches perfectly with this dress. I also added a statement earring and my lobster gage bracelet.


While a red lip is pretty much my staple no matter what I am doing, (even going to the gym) there is something about wearing that bold shade with navy that I adore. Both colors bring out the best in each other and it is the perfect way to finish this look.


Because of the light material this dress is perfect to take from Winter to Spring. Just switch the leggings and boots, for a pair of black or navy pumps, add a leather jacket and you have the perfect sassy business to evening outfit.


How do you transition your wardrobe? What do you think of the look? 

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16 thoughts on “What DO I Wear?!?! Transitioning to Spring

  1. Cute! As always, I love your boots. I’ve given up, myself – my transition is boots to sneakers back to boots (spring is coming this year, right?!?!).

  2. Oh you look so beautiful Kate! Killing it! I absolutely adore this outfit and it’s totally perfect for this time of year, I love the navy colour and I love the floaty-ness of the skirt part. Also yes to the red lip and navy combo, you’re so right about those colours totally complimenting each other. Girl you’re such a fashionista! xx

  3. This is so cute!! The navy colour really does look amazing on you! The floral detailing on the dress really do make it a perfect choice as Spring gets closer 🙂

  4. I just shopped at Loft for the first time yesterday!! It’s a lovely store (: I adore this outfit on you, it’s a great dress!

    1. Tanks so much beauty! I go through phases with the Loft. I use to wear it a lot more when I was younger, but I am obsessed with the clothes they have coming out for Spring! So pretty! <3

      1. I actually have the Loft credit card! I hardly ever use it anymore but I love getting their dress pants and tops. I have a thing that I don’t like see through shirts at all and Loft is the best that I’ve found so far haha. Everything else is so sheer these days! Oh but yes, spring is their best season in my opinion. It’s all so beautiful!

        1. I actually just bought a couple shirts from them the other day 🙂 And girl I hear you about the see throughness. I just want one good thick white camisole. So hard to come by. <3

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