A Nautical Christmas: 2022 Skating Christmas Ornament

“Some Christmas tree ornaments do more than glitter and glow, they represent a gift of love given a long time ago” ~Tom Baker


I shared my nautical ornaments this year, which are a newer tradition, but now I am sharing my collection and a tradition that I have been collecting since I was a littler girl. I have been collecting skating ornaments for years! It began in part to my sister, who would always buy me a skating ornament at Christmas time to add to my own personal tree. After she passed, my Mom gave me all of her ornaments, which were also skating. As a way to remember her and feel closer, I began to buy a skating ornament every year. It could be a skate. It could be a skater. It could be glass or ceramic. Just as long as it had the year on it, I didn’t mind. Many of them I found at the holiday markets in New York City. But alas when covid hit my trips to the city became sparse, up until a few months ago, and on top of that it seemed like I owned every skating ornament known to the holiday season. In some ways I feel like I have collected all of them, especially the ceramic ones. Thank you Etsy to the rescue!

The Ornament

I looked long and hard for an ornament. Part of the reason it is so difficult is because I want to be able to write on it, or rather have the seller write on it because my handwriting is horrific! The ceramic ones are the best ones to do this though last year I did get a cute wooden one, and they do an amazing job. This year, I got lucky and I found a new one, perhaps the only ceramic one I don’t have! It is a pair of skates and while I have a lot of skates, this one is slightly different which I love. It has the holly in and on the boot, adding a pop of color to the white skates. It is a great addition against my flocked Christmas tree! Now to be on the hunt for 2023!

Does your tree have a theme? Do you buy ornaments every year? 

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