Mud puddles and Flowers

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer” ~Anita Krizzan
Happy First Day Of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring friends! I am SO ready for that sunshine, blooms and the warmer weather! While I have gotten my fair share of warmth the last few months, growing up in New England really does make you appreciate ‘spring’ and the changing of the seasons. Winter is harsh especially if you are not a skier and hate the cold like I do. And it can be LONG. Painfully so. And while New England can still get snow well into April and even May especially in the mountains, the first day of spring alwaysbrings a renewal of hope for what is to come, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

There is also another caveat to spring in New England, we don’t really get ‘spring.’ (thus the quotes) But we do get mud season! Mud Season makes everything smell like a farm, and it is as messy as it is smelly. While I always want to wear flip-flops when it gets to be sixty degrees, rain boots are more practical. While mud season can be kinda gross, it does bring the kid out, at least in me. There is nothing more fun than jumping into the occasional mud puddle. Yup, I said it!

A Brief What I Have Been up to and Going Through

Whether it is spring or mud season, I am so ready for warmer weather. I always feel better with the sunshine (and ocean!) It has been a couple weeks since I posted on the blog and the last two weeks have been filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I have been going through a very tumultuous period with my reproductive system, and it has been a huge struggle, both physically and mentally as I am faced with some difficult decisions, that I honestly would rather just stick my head in said mud puddle and not have to make, but when your body is telling you something different I can’t really do that, but digressing.

Anywho, while I have been dealing with that and it has been pretty frustrating, I have also had so many highs especially the last two weeks when I travelled to Mount Desert Island and northern Maine for equal parts work and fun. I am so grateful for my job and career that has really taken off the last couple years. While there are some monotonous moments, I really get to do what I am passionate about and get to work with the best people. I also got to celebrate my best friend who is having a baby girl in June as well as my nephew who turned nine. NINE! How is that possible?

Over all I am pretty darn blessed and I feel grateful as this new season begins! Like spring, life is filled with equal parts mud and flowers. You need the dirt and the water to make the flowers. Some positivity and self love talks don’t hurt either to cultivate those flowers. While it felt like a long winter, I truly believe it was just preparing us to open our own petals and do our own blooming. After all a garden can’t grow without rain.

Happy Spring friends! Here is to an incredible season! I hope it is filled with so much joy and abundance! 

Are you excited for spring? D you have any fun plans this season? 


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