Wanderlusting: Off To San Diego We Go

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” ~ Francis Bacon

The Jetsetting Blonde Duo

My best friend and fellow Jetsetting Blonde Sarah, is the ultimate adventurer in crime. She and I have taken quite a few trips and gone on a ton of adventures together in the last couple years. Legit being the same person, she is incredibly easy to hang out with and we are always on the same page when it comes to activities, food, and most importantly coffee which makes her the consummate travel buddy.


Okay really we are just friends because of the coffee…love you girl!

Coffee truth bombs aside, it has become tradition to take a big trip together, and this year we not only found ourselves back to the Golden State, but it happened to coincide with my birthday.

On the verge of being mushy, I honestly could not have spent my birthday with a better friend, she not only made it an amazing trip, but also made my day so incredibly special!


Early Mornings

I honestly have no idea WHY I am such a glutton for punishment. We booked our flights to leave at eight in the morning.

EIGHT in the morning peeps!

Which meant because of security, I had to be up at four, so I could meet Sarah at five so we could get our blonde derrieres to the airport.


Pause: WHAT was going on with my hair? Blaming the four AM thing.

The airport was surprisingly busy, which actually made my Type A Overachiever self feel slightly better that their were others who had fore gone sleep in order to torture themselves adventure.


It also made me panic stricken for a hot second, because it meant security would be hellish.

Except it wasn’t. Security ended up being a breeze and we even had time to eat a somewhat leisurely breakfast at 5ive Steaks. Before we made our way to our gate to board, we grabbed much needed coffee at Starbucks. (thank the Caffeine God’s for Coldbrew!) Let’s be honest, Starbucks was the hero of the morning!


The flight was a breeze. While my television wasn’t working, (WTF JetBlue?) I did get much needed work done, and I didn’t miss out on it THAT much. The excitement and anticipation were enough to get me through the five hour flight, and before I knew it we were landing in beautiful San Diego.


One of the first things I saw when we deplaned was a Peet’s kiosk by our gate. I could have either cried or leapt for joy, guys. I was in California again!



Sarah and I had gotten an Airbnb right in the heart of the Gaslamp District in San Diego. The host had been extremely accommodating in letting us check in earlier then the designated time slot as our flight got in early. He was also extremely communicative and available 24/7 which was a huge relief.


For the location, the size and amenities in the building, it was an insanely good deal.


The one bedroom apartment was bigger then both Sarah’s and my places combined! It had a wide open space concept, with a large kitchen opening up into the living room. The bathroom was also quite spacious and it housed a washer and dryer which we put to good use for the week we were there.


Housed in a five story building, it had elevators, a well equipped gym and a gorgeous patio, which our apartment overlooked. It was centrally located with-in walking distance to the Westfield Horton Mall, delicious restaurants, and night life as well as about a twenty minute Uber ride to all the local beaches.


It really was home away from home. My only complaint would be the lack of a full length mirror and not a ton of blankets or towels. But for the price and location, we really couldn’t beat it, and I did not want to leave by the end of the week!


Off We Go

Despite having been up for twelve hours, and traveling the majority of that time, Sarah and I only paused to refresh (I.e. get glammed up) ourselves, before we were ready to take on the sights and sounds of San Diego.

But first we needed coffee!


Have you been to San Diego? 

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29 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Off To San Diego We Go

  1. Airbnb sounds like such a genius concept, glad you enjoyed your place! The last picture of you is beautiful, that top and skirt look lovely together 😀 x

  2. You’re lucky you have a friend who is perfect for travelling with. I love going away with my sister now, as my friends are quite opposite to what I like. The place looks amazing! I’m sure you had the most awesome trip! xx

    1. I really am! There are only a couple people I really enjoy traveling with. It is so hard when you are Type A and the others in your party aren’t. Thanks beauty! I really did! <3

  3. This sounds like the perfect birthday trip!
    I always book my flights as early as I can too, the last trip I took to costa rica we were supposed to leave at 6am but we got the the airport and we were delayed until 8am. I had a moment of silence for the sleep I could have had that morning lol
    San Diego is one of my favourite places to visit, the last time I was there for 4 days and it wasn’t nearly long enough!

    1. It really was! Ughhh that stinks! I hate delays! Especially if it means you could have slept longer.
      I didn’t know that! I fell in love with San Diego! What is your favorite things to do there? <3

        1. That is so cool! We were going to go to the zoo…Everyone suggested the zoo and it was the one thing we didn’t do! lol. A good reason to go back 🙂 <3

  4. Boyfriend and I went to San Diego just for overnighter! It was super fun! That Airbnb is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more about your SD adventure. 😉

  5. Ok I have been biting at the bit to sit down and read these posts. Enter: Peet’s. I have it in hand and it feels like Christmas seeing you don’t have one but THREE SD posts up. Woohoo! Yes the jet setting duo- y’all are my faves. & I know Y’all were breaking necks in SD with all the head turning them men were doing. Also, seriously- how do you look THAT good at 4 am? I would refuse any pictures haha. Your hair actually looks awesome and effortless.

    Come n’ Jet Blue- get it togetherrrrrrr. Lol.

    Peet’s, peet’s, peet’s!!!

    What an AMAZING air bnb. Holy smokes!

    Ok so excited to read part dos. What an awesome first day though- need the name/contact of that air bnb!

    1. Ahhh Girl I love you! This comment made my day! (I KNOW I said that about the last one!) And girl any day is Christmas when you have Peets!;p
      Oh my gosh I legit love you! And I am dying in Starbucks reading this comment. Awe thanks beauty. I think it was the adrenaline rush of actually going to San Diego!
      Lol. Right?!?!
      San Diego is up there in airport terminals BECAUSE they have a Peet’s. The simple things m’dar the simple things!
      It was amazing! And the price was perfect!
      And yes girl I will totally give it to you! <3

      1. YESS. I agree. SF has a Peet’s and it is my favorite part of going to the airport… hehe.. (oh and there is a great bloody mary at the SF airport too 😉 ). Not trying to pry you to come back or anything…..

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